PPPPPP Chapter 48

PPPPPP Chapter 48 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoiler, Color Page And More

The musical manga which has risen to a crescendo! This Japanese manga will entertain you with its unique plot just like its unique name. Read the full piece to know PPPPPP Chapter 48 release date, raw scans, a recap along with it bonus spoilers. Everything that you need to know about this manga is covered here. The events transpiring in the series right now are juicy and intense. Let’s get into it!


The story revolves around a very renowned Piano artist Kuon Otogami. He took the music industry to new heights with his craft. By natural progression, his seven children also followed his path and went on to become piano prodigies. Except for his one child, Lucky Otogami. He had a tumultuous childhood after the divorce of his parents. His mother had his custody while the other siblings lived with his father. In an unfortunate incident, Lucky’s mother went into coma but later gained consciousness and expressed a desire to see the siblings perform together. Lucky accepts this as her mother has only one year left to live. We will get to witness on stage “Otogami Sextuplets Pianists.”

However, behind that stage, there lies darkness. The siblings are enduring their father’s wrath in the form of abuse. How will they navigate life through such dysfunctional family relationships and career pressure? Is there going to be a sibling rivalry as well?

PPPPPP Chapter 48 Release Date

pppppp chapter 48

As of the latest, 47 chapters of this series have been out for the manga audience. The release date for PPPPPP Chapter 48 is set to be on 11th September 2022, Sunday. However, it is to be kept in mind that the series gets delayed occasionally and it has happened in the past. So don’t get dejected if the chapter did not release on the confirmed date and time. But the chances of that happening are very less. So wait for the next Sunday for the update!

For people who are already reading it or deciding to read it, it would help if you read all chapters to understand the plot better.

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Raw Scans

PPPPPP Chapter 48

It is a marketing technique to release raw scans and color pages before the actual release of the chapter to elicit interaction from the fans. Color pages are nothing but black and white drawings of your favorite characters from the manga series. Raw scans for PPPPPP Chapter 48 will be dropped or made available to the public 3-4 days before the chapter release. The predicted date for raw scans is 8th-9th September 2022

For accessing these, you need to head to platforms- Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, and 4chan. These are in the form of digital print format, photos, snippets, or written content from the upcoming chapters. 

A Quick Recap And Bonus Spoiler

pppppp chapter 48

In the previous chapter 47 titled Transitional Period, Lucky and Sorachika had a brief encounter. Sorchika tried to intimidate and mind-break Lucky by taunting him that he had changed. He has grown ego as he is rising on the ladder of musical success. Maybe his acquaintances are not used to seeing him like that. After this conversation, Lucky seems all pumped up to beat Fanta. While on the other hand, we also get to witness a small interaction between the siblings. If one closely analyses the way these characters have grown and interacted in the series, it is easy to conclude that before they seemed distant from each other. This interaction was necessary to prove otherwise.

Whereas Mimin is the most unbothered person in the series. She is not paying any heed to the ongoing politics among the pianists. Spoilers of PPPPPP Chapter 48 are not known yet. But it would be interesting to see more interaction between the siblings. In the upcoming chapter, we are going to get Sorachika’s performance as well.

Where To Read?

You can read upcoming PPPPPP Chapter 48 and all the chapters released on reading platforms— Mangaplus and Mangabuddy.

Stay Tuned with 247 Prime News for more anime updates.

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