PPPPPP Chapter 47 Release Date, Raw Scans, Color Page, Bonus Spoiler, And Much More

This Musical manga is in its prime! This Japanese Manga has an unusual name but there is a deep meaning behind it which we explained before. PPPPPP Chapter 47 is going to roll out soon.  Read the full article to know the release date, time, bonus spoilers, and events transpiring in the manga series. There is a lot that is going on in the recent chapters that surely will be an interesting affair, you shouldn’t miss out on.

We will also spare some time to analyze the recently released chapters to understand the character arc better. Without further ado, let’s get started.


The story revolves around a very renowned Piano artist Kuon Otogami. He took the music industry to new heights with his craft. By natural progression, his seven children also followed his path and went on to become piano prodigies. Except for his one child, Lucky Otogami. He had a tumultuous childhood after the divorce of his parents. His mother had his custody while the other siblings lived with his father. In an unfortunate incident, Lucky’s mother went into coma but later gained consciousness and expressed a desire to see the siblings perform together. Lucky accepts this as her mother has only one year left to live. We will get to witness on stage “Otogami Sextuplets Pianists.”

However, behind that stage, there lies darkness. The siblings are enduring their father’s wrath in the form of abuse. How will they navigate life through such dysfunctional family relationships and career pressure?

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PPPPPP Chapter 47 Release Date

PPPPPP Chapter 47

Till now, 45 chapters of the manga series have been released for the fans. PPPPPP Chapter 47 is set to release on Sunday, 4th September 2022. As for your general information, this is a weekly manga series and gets updated every Sunday. The loyal fans of PPPPPP are hooked to the chapters and are even discussing it at great lengths.

If you haven’t read it, It will help, if you skim through previous chapters to know what’s going on. This will enable a better understanding of the ongoing series. Scroll down for a brief recap of the previous chapter. 

Raw Scans  

PPPPPP chapter 47

To build excitement among the manga lovers and get them to talk about the series, raw scans are released few days before the chapter release date. This is a good marketing technique to kindle discussions and get the desired interaction when the manga updates. Raw Scans of PPPPPP Chapter 47 will be made available 3-4 days prior to the actual release date. So it will be available around 1th-2nd September 2022. 

They get circulated on social media platforms like- Twitter, Reddit, 4Chan, Tumblr, and Instagram. Wiki Fandoms are also popular means to get all the information regarding any manga. It will be dropped in the form of snippets from the chapters, photos, or digital print.

A Quick Recap And Bonus Spoiler

PPPPPP Chapter 47

We will give you a recap of chapter 45 as chapter 46 has not been released as of now. In Chapter 45, we witnessed the flawless piano performance of Mimin Otogami on to the battle stage. The crowd erupted in a trail of praises, claps, and cheers. Everyone was of the opinion that Mimin is cute. On the other hand, Meloli was anxious as she didn’t analyze things the right way. In between the frustration, it slips from her tongue that she does finds Mimin cute and that part irritates her. In the end, Meloli is adamant to prove that she is the best and does she want Mimin’s vote too?

As mentioned before, the plot is interesting and contains the glamour, shimmer, and spotlight of a pianist. Wait for the next chapter to find out what happens after this.

Where to Read?

You can easily read upcoming PPPPPP Chapter 47 and all the chapters available on reading platforms— Mangaplus and Mangabuddy.

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