PPPPPP Chapter 46 Release Date, Time, Bonus Spoilers: When Is It Coming?

This Japanese Manga has an unusual name but there is a deep meaning behind it. PPPPPP Chapter 46 is about to release. Read the full article to know the release date, time, possible spoilers, and events transpiring in the manga series. Gradually, PPPPPP is gaining the audience’s attention and is praised for its musical representations. We will discuss that a little.

Further, we will answer your query about the uniqueness of the title. The origin and meaning behind the 6Ps, what does it stand for, and the context in which it is applied as a name for the manga.


The story revolves around a very renowned Piano artist Kuon Otogami. He took the music industry to new heights with his craft. By natural progression, his seven children also followed his path and went on to become piano prodigies. Except for his one child, Lucky Otogami. He had a tumultuous childhood after the divorce of his parents. His mother had his custody while the other siblings lived with his father. In an unfortunate incident, Lucky’s mother went into coma but later gained consciousness and expressed a desire to see the siblings perform together. Lucky accepts this as her mother has only one year left to live. We will get to witness on stage “Otogami Sextuplets Pianists.” 

However, behind that stage, there lies darkness. The siblings are enduring their father’s wrath in the form of abuse. How will they navigate life through this?

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PPPPPP Chapter 46 Release Date

PPPPPP chapter 46

This music-based manga series has 44 released chapters as of now. PPPPPP Chapter 46 has a tentative release date of 28th August 2022 which is on Sunday. We suggest you to read the previous chapters of the manga as they will provide you with a brief history of the characters and all that they have gone through in the course of 44 chapters.

The countdown for upcoming chapters starts now so it’s only 7-8 days left! Scroll down for a brief catch-up of all the chapters if you haven’t read them.

Raw Scans

PPPPPP chapter 46 Raw Scans of this musical manga are circulated on leading social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reddit. The release date is not fixed but can be expected 3-4 days before the chapter release. Hence, we can expect the raw scans of PPPPPP chapter 46 in the form of photos, spoilers, or snippets on 25-26th August 2022. 

The Wiki Fandom of this series is popular and is a go-to site for manga addicts to discuss the chapter at great lengths with other fans. Discord groups are also discussion platforms that help in the marketing of the manga series.

A Quick Recap and What to Expect

PPPPPP chapter 46

The spoilers or hints of PPPPPP Chapter 46 are not given to the audience yet however, the chapter will pick from where it left previously. We will give you the recap of chapter 44 as chapter 45 of the same series is also yet to release. In Chapter 44, we witnessed the entry of Mimin Otogami onto the battle stage and the audience is cheering for her. As mentioned before, the plot is interesting and contains the glamour, shimmer, and spotlight of a pianist.

Discussing about the characters, you will spot a rough-grained Mimin who has become a victim of her father’s emotional and physical abuse and is using it as a fuel to perform well in the music industry. It reflects how trauma works, if it is unleashed by your own parents.

If you keep on reading, it will hold your attention. Not to deny the fact that it is different from the usual manga but give it a try!

Bonus– The title stands for pianississimo which means to play softly. It is used as a musical approach in the series.

Where To Read?

You can enjoy reading all the released and about to release PPPPPP chapter 46 of this musical manga on Mangaplus and Mangabuddy.

Stay tuned with 247 Prime News for manga updates.

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