PPPPPP Chapter 45 Release Date, Time, Bonus Spoilers, When Is It Coming Out?

Manga lovers gather and read the full article to know the storyline, release date, time, and bonus spoilers of PPPPPP Chapter 45. 

Unusual name and equally different storyline! We are back with yet another popular manga recommendation to keep you occupied! Japanese comics have been a source of entertainment for a long time and the phenomenon has reached globally. Everybody has a liking towards them and read them religiously.


PPPPPP Chapter 45


The story revolves around a very renowned Piano artist Kuon Otogami. He took the music industry to new heights with his craft. By natural progression, his seven children also followed his path and went on to become piano prodigies. Except for his one child, Lucky Otogami. He had a tumultuous childhood after the divorce of his parents. His mother had his custody while the other siblings lived with his father. In an unfortunate incident, Lucky’s mother went into coma but later gained consciousness and expressed a desire to see the siblings perform together. Lucky accepts this as her mother has only one year left to live. We will get to witness on stage “Otogami Sextuplets Pianists.”

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PPPPPP Chapter 45 Release Date And Time

PPPPPP Chapter 45

As of now, 44 chapters have been published in the manga series. This ongoing series has been doing well and is steady on the charts. Gradually, it is gaining popularity and becoming one of the top manga in 2022. The release date of PPPPPP Chapter 45 is set for Sunday,  21st August 2022. The countdown for the chapter starts right now so it’s 12 days to go. Stay updated and alert for more.

Raw Scans 

PPPPPP Chapter 45

Raw Scans of PPPPPP chapter 45 are not accessible as of now. Raw scans are usually available to the manga fans 3-4 days prior to the chapter release date. Hence, it would be available by the dates 17-18th August 2022. Keep an eye on Twitter, Reddit, Tumbler, and other social networking sites. These platforms are a discussion place for the fandom to discuss the next outcome of their favorite manga series. Raw scans are generally found in the form of photos, snippets from the chapter, and visual prints.

Bonus Spoilers

PPPPPP Chapter 45

Spoilers are not available or known yet. These spoilers will be available to the general public a few days before the actual release date. PPPPPP Chapter 45 will pick from where it left in the previous chapter. In chapter 44 titled Let’s Gooo, New World, we witnessed the entry of Mimin Otogami onto the battle stage and the audience is cheering for her. As mentioned before, the plot is interesting and contains the glamour, shimmer, and spotlight of a pianist. If you keep on reading, it will hold your attention. Not to deny the fact that it is different from the usual manga but give it a try!

Where to Read?

You can read all the released chapters of Japanese manga PPPPPP on Mangaplus and Mangabuddy. Do give it a shot as who knows this might become your favorite manga of all time!

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