Poster for days of the Brisa Festival 2022

The day-by-day line-up of the Brisa Festival 2022 has been announced, which will be held at the La Malagueta bullring, in Malaga, between July 1 and 3. It is announced as an intergenerational event “where we unite legendary artists who started in the 80’s –the golden age of Spanish pop– with current bands of great success”. There will be Miss Caffeina, Dorian, Amaia, Mikel Erentxun, Social Security, Invisible Dance (tribute for the 40th anniversary of the birth of the band included) and Juan Perro among others. Poster by days of the Brisa Festival 2022
1st of July
Miss Caffeine
La La Love You
Social Security
DorianJuly 2
unseen dance
Mikel Erentxun
Anni B Sweet
Juan PerroJuly 3
Amaya Romero
Dry MartinaAccess to the purchase of tickets via the official website.

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