Poster and Trailer Arrive for the Movie “Alien Part 1”

«Alien» is a two-part science fiction film about the events that occur when a mysterious time portal opens and connects Taoists of the Goryeo dynasty searching for a legendary sword, with people in 2022 who are chasing an alien prisoner who has been imprisoned in a human body The director Choi Dong Hoonreturns for the first time in seven years with the two-part project “Alien”. The extraordinary cast features Ryu Jun Yeol, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Tae Ri, So Ji Sub, Honey Lee, Yeom Jung Ah, Jo Woo Jin, Kim Eui Sung, Shin Jung Geun Y Lee Si Hoon. Part 1 of “Alien” will be released this summer. The new launch poster shows the spaceship traveling between 2022 and the Goryeo Dynasty to allow the film to take place in both time periods. Ryu Jun Yeol He plays the insipid Moo Reuk, a Taoist who is neither this nor that, but is determined to get his hands on the legendary sword. Kim Tae Ri plays Lee Ahn, a woman who can shoot thunder.

Kim Woobin plays Guard, who is in charge of escorting the alien prisoners, while So Ji Sub plays Moon Do Seok, a detective who ends up being chased by aliens. Yeom Jung-ah Y Jo Woo Jin They play the two Samgak Mountain Gods, Heuk Seol and Chung Woon.

The trailer for “Alien» It starts with a car falling from the sky, but during the time of the Goryeo dynasty. As the clip jumps back and forth between the Goryeo dynasty and 2022, the screen says, “In 2022, the new world that you most longed for and were most curious about will come.” After a chaotic series of robots, supernatural powers, and action scenes, Moo Reuk asks, “What the hell is this?” Later, in the present day, Guard comments firmly: “Blocking that is my mission“. With such determination, Lee Ahn states, “I can’t lose what’s mine.” Before showing off another set of wildly intense action scenes, the trailer takes a silent turn as Guard, as if bored, asks, “Hello. How much longer do they say I have to stay on earth?« Please!! Bring it to us!! Credits Soompi

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