Police University Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers

Police University is an upcoming Korean drama series. The series revolves around a police officer who is a professor at a university. He has 20 years of experience in crime detection. He is met by a student who is a computer hacker and he’s brilliant at what he does. The series is directed by Yoo Kwan mo and is starring Cha Tae Hyun, Jung Jin Young, and Krystal Jung. Korean drama series has fans all over the world and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Police university. If you want to know the Release date, Preview, and spoilers of Police university, keep reading.

Preview Of Police University

The series is depicted around a National Police University. It shows harmony and conflict between professors and students. One of the professors Yoo Do9ng men who were a police officer with a lot of experience meets an intelligent student Kang Seon ho who team up to solve many crimes. Yoo Dong-man has experience of 20 years as a homicide detective to a cyber investigation. Kang Seon ho is a freshman from a hacking criminal university. Also, another student who has high hopes of becoming a police officer.

Police University Release Date, Preview And Spoilers

The Police University is a Romantic series that consists of a total of 16 episodes. As of now, there is no news of the second season. By watching the success of the first season, the second season would be planned. Yoo Dong-man is a strict professor who says that Kang Seon Ho does not have what it takes to become a police officer and he should give up his dream of becoming a police officer. Oh, Kung Hui asks whether Kang Seon Ho followed her to the police academy to which he replies that he joined the police university so that he too can become a police officer.

Kang seon Ho was never the one to have dreams and ambitions. After joining the police academy he becomes interested in work due to professor Yoo Dong Man. Moreover, He makes new friends and also gets interested in a girl Oh Kung Hui, whose goal is to become a police officer. They work hard to achieve their goals. Although initially, Yoo Dong Man is skeptical of his student Kang Seon Ho, he later changes his mind and says that Kang Seon Ho can become a good police officer.

Police University Release Date, Preview, And Spoilers

Spoiler Alert!

Although there are no official spoilers of Police University, We can figure out what will happen by watching the teasers released. The drama is going to be funny romantic and suspense judging from the teasers. Moreover, The main character is Kang Seon Ho is an intelligent hacker and he’s going to successfully solve a lot of criminal investigations that he’s going to have with his professor Yoo Dong Man. Furthermore, Ambitious Oh Kung Hui whose goal is to become a police officer also tags along with them to solve crimes.

Release Date Of Police University

The drama Police University is going to be released on August 9, 2021. Furthermore, The police university will bring many genres like drama, comedy, and also romance.

Where To Watch

The Police university can be streamed on Viki.

Trailer Of Police University

The official trailer of police Univesity is not released yet. Although there are a lot of teasers released.

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