Pokemon 2019 Episode 72 Release date & Time, Preview English [Sub]

Pokemon 2019 Episode 72 release date

The Pokemon fans are in for a treat as the Pokemon 2019 episode 72 release date was the 25th of June and is out as everyone is digging into what they would be able to come through in this latest episode.

Pokemon 2019 episode 72 preview

In this latest episode, everyone came through an exciting story as we got to see another shenanigan of Team Rocket and their tactics to obstruct the way of dreamer boys so that they can’t move any further in catching any new Pokemon. In this episode, it was shown how realization kicked into Team Rocket that the dangerous Pokemon would eat up all their snacks and it would not be safe to let this hound on leash so they came to a conclusion on locking him up. It wouldn’t matter the consequences for them, as they didn’t think of any and just decided to come through one.

Pokemon 2019 episode 71

Meow warns that this dangerous is up and not stopping eating their snacks as they would have to do something about it otherwise they wouldn’t have anything left in their pockets as looking forward to the journey they were going to have, those snacks came out to be valuable for them. Kojiro then comes ahead as he states that all the money he earned throughout from his part-time job has gone in a whoosh in just feeding Morpeko and that he was tired and wanted everything to just stop now then. Mushashi after listening this says that they could do their part as what they are supposed to do because they are all members of the same team that is team Rocket. Kojiro then puts up his opinion as that he doesn’t know what move they could move after that and then Meow replies that if they would be able to catch Morpeko, then they would actually have a hold on him and he wouldn’t overeat then.

Pokemon 2019 epsiode 71

Previously in Episode 71

Kojiro when going along on the mountains came across Morpeko who was giving out his shiningly melting smile and there it wasn’t long when Kojiro was going to fall for this smile but in the end, his decision was clear as he would not be facing Morpeko. On the other hand, Morpeko kept behaving in the best manners possible and also offered Kojiro some food which after then he replied that Morpeko is really cute at the moment he is not starving. The story goes along portraying how these two make their journey walking along and also being innovative along the way.

If you want to cover more in the story of Pokemon, you could head to Netflix as it is available to watch there.

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