Pixel 6 Price in India : When is it available?

Pixel 6 Price in India? This is the first time that this company has planned to launch a mobile with the 5G network service. Pixel phones are quite popular among users as it is manufactured by Google. Are you excited about this news? Well, we have brought you the details about the features, price, and launch date of this device. so, let’s start without any further ado.

About Pixel 6 phone 

It comes with a 6.7-inch display that is pretty standard for the other smartphones in the market. The screen has a resolution of 1440 x 3120 pixels and also supports Full HD. It has a pixel density of  513ppi. Together these features enable you to display the images and the videos on the phone with high quality. It guarantees that there will be no compromise on quality. So you can enjoy the whole viewing cinematic experience at the comfort space of your mobile phone itself. It has Gorilla Glass attached to the front screen.

This helps to protect the phone when it accidentally falls from your hands. So you do not have to worry when it hits the ground! The refreshing rate of the screen is 120Hz. This allows the system to reload faster and easy for you to return back to work on your device. The phone also has the features of dust-proof that protect your device from being harmed by the dust. It also has the IP68 water resistant feature that helps to keep the device from damage if it falls in water! That is a life-saver. Don’t you agree with me on this one? so, the device allows you to have a gala time at restaurants, theatres and parties without worrying too much about the protection of the device.


Pixel 6 Price in India

It will be available for a price of Rs. 67, 490 in the Indian digital market.

It has an AMOLED display feature. It comes with an octa-core processor. The eight-core processor helps to function the phone faster and efficiently. You need not worry about downloading apps of larger size or games with advanced graphics. Everything will work fine on your device without draining the battery or slowing down the whole system. It has a dual flashlight for camera. It has an 11mp for the front camera and triple rear camera with 50 mp of primary camera and 12mp for the other two. It has autofocus, light adjustment features, HDR, exposure, ISO control, and ultra-wide lens. This helps to work with the camera without manually adjusting it. This works well for professionals and amateurs alike.

It has a 5000mah battery life. It comes with an 8GB ram and 128 Gb in-built memory. This helps you to download files of larger size and do not worry about the malfunction or storage in the system. It comes with a dual sim feature and has a punch hole in the left corner of the phone. You can access the network service through 4g, 5g or wifi service depending on the availability of the network service.

Pixel 6 Price in India
Pixel 6 Price in India

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