April begins, Pisces, and little by little you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are in a moment of maximum creativity. The ideas in your mind this month will flow easily and you will feel the need to express yourself, to free yourself, to be yourself without caring about what others say. This month you are going to worry much more about yourself. There are many people who now depend on you and you cannot fail yourself, much less others.

The planet of love, Venus, enters your sign at the beginning of April, exactly on the 5th. It is the perfect time to close emotional cycles, both for better and for worse. Don’t keep chasing something that doesn’t work. In April it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ with love, without rancor and being aware that sometimes the best thing is to break ties before it’s too late. Venus in your sign will also make you super romantic. If there is a person who has been around your head too much lately but with whom you still have nothing serious, you will finally decide to take that step. Around you there are people who are not having a good time. You know that because you are a Pisces and the ability to sense when someone is not well is incredible. This month more than ever you need to be there for your loved ones. There has been a conflict that has made a certain circle divine and that has affected you quite a bit. You don’t want to position yourself, so don’t be afraid to show support for both of them. It is important that you are there for whoever needs you this month. You are going to demand more love than normal, Pisces, more attention than they already give you. And you will feel bad because you do not want to be the typical heavy that goes after the others. Forget those feelings, don’t feel guilty for asking for something as basic and necessary as love. This month your emotions will be a bit rebellious and like on a roller coaster. Despite being a sign that always needs love to be well, you don’t always like to ask for it… For you, wealth this month has nothing to do with money… In reality, this is never important to you. Wealth has to do with the amount of time you spend with your friends or with your family. What good is having money if you can’t spend it with your friends? What good is being the richest person in the universe if you don’t have time to spend with your friends? This month you are going to make more time for them, you are even going to start organizing a very special trip with them. Mars also enters your sign this month from the 15th. Weeks full of wild passion await you with your partner. But be careful because you’re going to be very quarrelsome and you’re not going to shut up if you see something you don’t like. This month you will not be lazy to start an argument. Normally we are used to seeing the good Pisces who never messes up, but this month the quarrelsome Pisces is going to go out for a walk more. Take good care of yourself this month, Pisces, and try to manage stress in the best possible way. Do not put more burdens on your back because in the end it will affect your health more than you imagine. At the end of the month, dramas are coming in your group of friends… People will be very nervous and very upset. And something will happen that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The solar eclipse on the 30th is intense, Pisces… But you have all of April to enjoy without drama. Happy April.

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