Paypal no longer allows new users from Russia

by Antonio Delgado 1 hour ago Follow the trickle of measures from the main technology companies against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. According to Reuters, the famous online payment system PayPal has paralyzed any registration of new accounts of Russian users in response to the war they have started against Ukraine. This measure also includes the blocking of certain Russian banks and specific users. On the other hand, Paypal would have intensified its efforts in facilitate sending and receiving money to Ukraine from the Paypal service itself and also through its Xoom service for international transfers. In this way they seek to facilitate the financial donations to NGOs that operate or have traveled to the area and neighboring countries, in order to send aid to refugees and victims of the conflict.
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These measures still fall short of the request of the Ukrainian government, which has urged Paypal to cease any type of operation in Russia in retaliation for the invasion they have begun against them. In addition, they have also requested that they facilitate direct donations to the government for its armed forces, something that goes against the terms and conditions of the online payment service. These measures are added to those taken by other companies such as Apple or TSMC among many others. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!
Article Writer: Antonio Delgado

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