Paraíba football club closes sponsorship with Braiscompany, a company suspected of financial pyramid


Paraíba football club closes sponsorship with Braiscompany, a company suspected of financial pyramid

Treze Futebol Clube, a football team from the city of Campina Grande (PB), announced the closing of a sponsorship with the controversial cryptocurrency company Brasicompany. The partnership was announced on Wednesday (18), according to the club's official Instagram profile.

“Today is the day to welcome a new sponsor, which will be key not only for the year of Treze, but also for the repositioning and restructuring of the club. Braiscompany is a reference in the national crypto asset management market,” said the publication.

According to the announcement, Braiscompany will lead the club's digital transformation. That is, Treze intends to advertise products such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital means of payment and others. The amounts and conditions of the agreement were not disclosed.

Treze anuncia patrocínio com Braiscompany. Fonte: Instagram.

The company is accused of operating without a license

Like Treze, Braiscompany was created in the city of Campina Grande and operates throughout the state. According to its social media, the company calls itself “the largest cryptocurrency manager in Brazil”, offering services such as leasing digital assets and investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, the company is also involved in two charges, the first of which is of operating a Ponzi scheme. The controversy began in 2020 when investment analyst Tiago Reis questioned the yields offered by the company.

As verified by CriptoFácil at the time, Braiscompany offered yields between 3% and 10% per month, a percentage well above the Selic rate (9.25% per year). In addition, the company would not have authorization or exemption from the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to offer these products.

“And then it contaminates production financing. Pyramid is a cancer for our country and I will be an eternal combatant”, commented Reis at the time.

Braiscompany's website was taken offline after Reis' accusations, but it resumed shortly afterwards. In June 2021, the company was required to prove in court that it does not operate a financial pyramid scheme.

Following the decision, Braiscompany announced that it will release an audit of its finances to ensure it is financially sound. At the time of writing this text, the result of the audit has not yet been disclosed.

Positive impact on social media

Even with these accusations hovering over the company, the announcement of the sponsorship of Treze had a positive impact on the fans of the club from Paraíba. Some of them even asked Braiscompany to buy Treze, taking advantage of the recent club-company initiatives of Cruzeiro and Botafogo.

Others, however, were more cautious and asked for information about the value of the sponsorship, while one fan expressed concern. For him, Thirteen should have waited for the results of the audit before closing the deal.

“I have no support for the audit result, I just want it to be clarified soon. What I didn't like was that Thirteen didn't wait for the audit result to appear before forming this bond”, said the fan.

CriptoFácil contacted Treze's advisory asking for information about the sponsorship, but has not received a response so far. If the club responds, this article will be updated with the respective response.

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