Panini Manga will publish Coyote

Panini Manga will publish Coyote

This Wednesday Panini Comics has announced a new title for your line sleeve. Is about Coyotea BL-series romance and horror Ranmaru Zariya which will begin to be published in our country from the month of June 2022 and will have a bimonthly periodicity. The Spanish edition will be in paperback softcover with dust jacket and dimensions 13 x 18 cm., with a price of €8.95 each volume.

Ranmaru Zariya The publication of this love story in the form of a thriller began in 2016 on the pages of the magazine Daria Comics and from Frontier Works Publishing. The work remains open in Japan with 4 compilation volumes but will end with a total of 5 volumes. The city is full of werewolves, and Coyote is one of them. His clan lives in the shadows and, according to the law, they do not exist, but there are still people who try to hunt them down due to baseless myths, and they are also involved in a bloody confrontation with the powerful Galland mafia family. To preserve his safety and that of his family, Coyote is elusive with humans, but he can’t help but get involved with Marlene, an attractive pianist. When he witnesses Coyote’s transformation into a wolf, she decides to help suffocate him through sex. What appears to be the beginning of a fiery relationship takes a turn when it turns out that Marlene’s true identity is that of Joshua Galland. What will become of the romance between the two when they discover that they are on enemy sides? Source: Panini Manga

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