Panini Manga will publish Aragane no ko. diamond in the rough

Panini Manga will publish Aragane no ko. diamond in the rough

As already anticipated days ago, Panini Manga I would make an announcement this Friday at noon. After the time came, the publisher surprised us with the announcement of the manga license Aragane no ko by Nao Sasaki. This action, adventure and fantasy manga will arrive in our country under the title of diamond in the rough and the first volume will go on sale at month of June in a softcover paperback edition with dust jacket size 11.2 x 17.5 cm. and a price of €8.95. The first volume will count on its launch with a alternative cover.

Nao Sasaki writes and illustrates this shônen manga that is set in an attractive fantasy world inspired by the East, in the
that stones and gems have the most striking uses. The work is currently serialized in the web manga Shônen Jump+ and currently has 4 volumes compilations. The series has also been published since December 2020 on the MANGA Plus website and application in both Spanish and English. Akeboshi is a talented mineralogist, that is, a person capable of using the powers latent in stones, minerals, and gems. On one of his trips to an underground city he meets Kai, a poor boy who works various jobs for a living. The boy ambushes Akeboshi by mistake, as he is looking for a mineralogist who wears a three-stripe earring and who petrified his family and his left leg, in which red diamonds, the rarest gems, are embedded. and precious. After clearing up the misunderstanding and having a tense encounter with an unscrupulous merchant, they discover that the gems in his leg allow him to use a power that turns any stone into a diamond for a limited time. With dreams of traveling the surface world, Kai becomes Akeboshi’s disciple, and together they will search for the mysterious mineralogist with the three-striped earring in order to save his petrified family. Source: Panini Manga

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