Painter of the Night Chapter 104 Release Date, Bonus Spoilers and Where to Read Online?

It’s just a few hours left from the release of Painter of the Night Chapter 104 and the hype for the chapter is already very high. Painter of the Night is one of its kind in its category and always lives up to the expectations of the readers. If you’re here looking for spoilers, where to read and know everything about chapter 104 then you’re at the correct place.

A brief about Painter of the Night!

Before getting to know about chapter 104 of it let’s begin by knowing about the basic plot of the manga. The story is about a talented young painter named  Na – Kyum who specializes in creating sensual images of males and gets very famous because of it. However, he does so by using a pseud name, trying to hide his real identity. Na – Kyum’s life takes a turn when a nobleman named Seungho enters his life. Seungho forces Na – Kyum to become his painter and after that Seungho becomes the muse of Na – Kyum.

Till now 3 seasons are out of Painter of the night. Season 1 consists of chapters 1 to 44, season 2 consists of chapters 45 to 76, and the third season consists of chapters 77 to 102. Since chapter 102 fans are eagerly waiting for Painter of the Night Chapter 104. Painter of the night is one of the most famous Korean Comic book series.

Now let’s move further and know about Painter of the Night Chapter 104.

When and Where to read!

There is no fixed date available for the release of the upcoming chapter. The manga is not updated since May 2022 and is left hanging after chapter 102. It seems like Painter of the night creators have taken a creative break to get on track. Hence, we hope that after the hiatus the manga comes back with a bang and with a chapter full of surprises! Byeonduck is the creator of this erotic Korean manga. Byeonduck has pushed the traditional boundaries of the manga and created an erotic manga with a main focus on the same-sex relationships of Na – Kyum, and Seungho.


Where to Read:

Painter of the Night Chapter 104 will be available on Viz Media, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump app. Also, it will be available on the official online website. So do not miss the next chapter and have a great reading time.

Painter of the Night Chapter 104: Spoilers

Painter of the night chapter 104

In the previous chapter, we witnessed the attack on Na – Kyum and how he almost died of the torture done by Winter. Seungho tried to save him but it wasn’t enough. So the story has taken a downfall and is now expected to witness the overcoming of all odds and the beginning of revenge from Seungho’s side.

So in the Painter of the Night Chapter 104, it is expected that Seungho will come back with some strong strategies or actions to settle scores. Thus the next chapter is surely going to be a must-watch and will be full of thrill and suspense.

So do watch chapter 104 of Painter of the Night and enjoy the plot going ahead. 

Painter of the Night Chapter 104 English raw scan.

While writing this article chapter 104 of Painter of the night is not out yet. Because the creators of the comic are on a hiatus and will be back soon with a lot of surprises and many twists and turns. For now English raw scan of chapter 104 is available but a raw scan of the final chapter is available. You can expect season 4 of Painter of the night by the end of the year 2022 or at the start of 2023. We will update you with the release date.

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Reviews and Ratings

Don’t feel dejected if the painter of the night chapter 104 is not updated till now. You can enjoy reading the manga independently as it is filled with smutty scenes which don’t necessarily require a plot. We have an erotic painter who has found his muse. A lot of eroticisms is bound to titillate the reader. Hence, keep these pointers in mind. While reading this don’t expect much character development as there is no meat in the story. However, this is an ongoing manga so we can wait for some substance.

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