“Pachinko” from Apple TV, Trivia. There will be more seasons!!

“Pachinko”is based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, written by Korean-born author Lee Minjin, and chronicles the hopes and dreams of a family of Korean immigrants over four generations as they leave their homeland on an unstoppable quest to survive and thrive in different parts of the world. It is a global project produced in English, Korean and Japanese. From March 25th next, three episodes will be released on Apple TV and then one episode every Friday until April 29 for a total of eight chapters. The plot begins with a forbidden love story between the characters of Lee Minho and the protagonist of the story played by Kim Min Ha, chronicling war, peace, love and parting, victory and judgment in Korea, Japan and the United States. The cast includes Lee Minho playing the role of Hansu, Kim Min Ha in the role of Sunja in her adolescence, Mrs. Youn Yu Jung in the role of Sunja when she grows up, Soji Arai like Mozasu Jin Ha like solomon, Jung Inji like yangjin, Kaho Minami like Etsuko Noh Sang Hyun like Isaac, anna sawai like Naomi, Han Jun Woo like Joseph, Jung Eun-chae like Kyung-hee jimmy simpson as Tom Andrews Jeon Yoo Na like Sunja as a child, and more. Last Wednesday the 16th, the premiere of the series was held in Los Angeles, CA, where the entire cast attended, including of course the Korean actors. Kim HaNa, Lee Minho, Jung Eun-chae and the Lady Youn Yu Jung

Kim Min Ha is a 26-year-old Korean actress, she has barely participated in four dramas and three movies before this leading role. She has developed two leads in dramas that are totally unknown to me.Deux Yeoza Season 2” and “Dxyz» and a leading role in the film «Killer Swell Our Space«, appears in a secondary role in the film «The Call” with Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo On “Pachinko«, Kim Min Ha plays Sunja, the protagonist in her youth.

Kogonada, producer and director on the production said of her character: “Sunja is constantly brought down by the facts. She makes decisions that have really incredible consequences, and you would expect her to cringe,” she began, explaining the importance of showing those “turning points” and the aftermath of them throughout the series. She continued: “Women are the backbone of families and history often overlooks these mothers, grandmothers and daughters, we all know in our families that there are these kinds of epic stories of these women who couldn’t give up. , who were constantly persevering and resilient. Bringing that to life was a real pleasure and joy.” Kim Min Ha is currently an exclusive actress of SaramEntertainment. She doesn’t have much acting experience, so to the public she is still a face with a lot of potential.

Kogonada said about the work Lee Minho “He cared deeply about this role and this project, he was so focused on the details of every scene. It’s always remarkable when someone is a universe unto themselves, but he’s also very focused on the task at hand.” It was also said that Lee Min Ho gave his character “a depth and texture that we didn’t know we could have”, especially in a dramatic episode where the audience learns about Hansu’s (his character’s) origins.

From left to right: Jin Ha, Youn Yuh-jungKaho Minami, Jimmi Simpson, Anna Sawai, Kim Min Ha, Lee Min-ho, Jung Eun-chaeSteve Sanghyun Noh, Inji Jeong and Soji Arai

And now yes, the curiosities:

It took between 6 and 7 months to cast the main characters. Sunja and Salomon were the most difficult characters in the casting. Netflix, HBO, Fx, Amazon, Hulu and showtime wanted to buy the series but lost to Apple. They filmed in 6-8 cities in Korea. It is really South Korea. They created Japan with special effects since they couldn’t shoot in that country. Pachinko is scheduled to have 4 seasons. Each season will have 8 episodes with 1 special chapter that will examine a crucial event in that time. Season 1 covers books 1 and most of 3 (the book is itself divided into books). The author of the book Min Ji Lee she is not creatively involved in the series. She initially got involved but later, she parted ways with the project. The color of the subtitles will change according to the language spoken. This will make it easier for the viewer to distinguish between Japanese/Korean and English. Season 1 ends with Sunja selling Kimchi for the first time. The seasons of the year will represent each season in Pachinko: Season 1 – Winter, Season 2- Spring, Season 3- Summer and Season 4- Fall Credits Variety and Minoz Mexico Official on FB

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