Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Collection sells out in just 6 minutes


Ozzy Osbourne's NFT Collection sells out in just 6 minutes

The Crypto Batz collection of NFTs, created by legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, went on sale on Thursday (20). And the success of the collection was such that the NFTs sold out in exactly six minutes.

According to Crypto Batz’s official Twitter profile, the broadcast of the NFTs began at 8:31 am ET. Then the tokens were released on the OpenSea platform for sale. By 8:37 am, all copies had been sold.

The NFTs auction started at 1.666 Ether (R$25,300) and every minute the price dropped by 0.006525 ETH. This reduction occurred until the price reached 0.1 ETH or sales were exhausted. However, the most expensive NFTs are already trading at more than 20 ETH (R$3 million).

The average volume traded in the collection is 7,700 ETH, or BRL 117 million at the current price. The Crypto Batz amass a collection of 9,666, each representing a different type of bat.

Bats and monkeys?

On Wednesday (19), Crypto Batz revealed an unusual announcement: bat NFTs will have the ability to “bite” characters from other collections. The new feature is called Mutant Batz and was announced in a video on Twitter.

In the animation, a bat appears biting a monkey from the Bored Ape NFTs collection. Then the monkey gains wings and becomes a hybrid between primate and bat.

According to Crypto Batz, this skill will allow the creation of new NFTs. By “biting” other tokens, hybrid and unique NFTs are created. Each owner of a Crypto Batz will be able to “bite” another NFT and receive that hybrid. go to trader mate for more information

The functionality of creating hybrids is unprecedented in this market, but aroused suspicion. After all, what if the bats go out, go around biting other tokens and create unlimited collections? To mitigate this effect, the Crypto Batz team stated that each bat will only be able to bite one NFT.

An NFT that has been bitten once cannot be bitten again. Once that happens, the hybrid will have characteristics of both collections.

The functionality, in addition to being innovative, serves as a fair tribute to Osbourne, who became famous as the lead singer of the band Black Sabbath. In 1982, the singer bit off a bat’s head during a concert, earning him a trademark and the nickname “Prince of Darkness”.

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