Ozark Season 4 Release Date, Preview, Cast And More

The fourth and last season of Netflix’s smash success ‘Ozark’ is almost here, following a two-year waiting period. In Ozark Season 4, fans expect to learn what happened to Marty Byrde and his family as they struggle to avoid danger from all sides. This notably includes Mexican drug gangs, native heroin matriarch Darlene Snell, and Marty’s companion in crimes, Ruth Langmore.

Ozark Season 4 Release Date

The popular OTT platform Netflix has announced that the first part of Ozark Season 4 will be released on 21st January 2022. The last season comprises 14 episodes which will be broadcasted in two bits. The first seven episodes will be available on Netflix in January 2022. The final seven episodes will be released later that year. The  Season 4 date reveal clip has voiceovers from characters – Marty, Darlene, Wendy, and Ruth. In addition to this, it indicates the crucial locations where the shooting took place.


Ozark Season 4 Plot

Ozark is a prominent series which revolves around the lives of Marty Byrde, Wendy (Marty’s wife), and their children – Charlotte and Jonah. The Byrdes appear to be a regular household to the external realm. However, Marty is involved in financial fraud for Mexico’s second biggest drugs mafia.

Marty is compelled to relocate his family from Chicago and go to the sluggish waters of the Missouri Ozarks. He has agreed to launder $500 million for a drug kingpin in exchange for his survival. Marty’s activities quickly attract the attention of regional criminals such as the Langmore and Snells, and also law enforcement agencies and the Kansas City Mafia.

Whilst Marty reluctantly resumes his criminal career, Wendy flourishes in her newfound position as crime leader. Ruth Langmore, a trailer-park youngster assists and abets them in their wrongdoing. Ruth quickly demonstrates herself to be wiser than her relatives. She emerges to be the Byrdes’ apprentice and bitter opponent. There is a lot to happen in Ozark Season 4 and fans are looking forward to knowing what happens in the season ahead as the series is released after two years.

Ozark Season 4 Cast

For Ozark Season 4, all the major ensemble characters are back notably Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde and Laura Linney who plays the role of Marty’s wife Wendy.

The character of Ruth Langmore is portrayed by Julia Garner, while Wyatt Langmore is represented by Charlie Tahan. Wyatt is presently with his elder lover, drug princess Darlene Snell, performed by Lisa Emery. In the appearance of cartel head Omar Navarro, Felix Solis arrives as just another prospective danger to the Byrdes.

The character of Senator Randall Schafer is portrayed by Oscar contender Bruce Davison. a Schafer is a strong former Illinois legislator who can be purchased for the appropriate price, joins the group for Ozark Season 4.

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