Outriders game becomes very popular on Steam

While most Steam gamers are currently enjoying their new survival game Viking Valheim, raider and shooter fans have something new to play as well. As promised earlier, the studio developers People Can Fly released the demo of their upcoming game Outriders. And it is a great success! Even before the game’s official release, pre-orders for Outriders secured the game a spot on Steam’s best-seller list. According to the Steam Database, Outriders hit an all-time high this weekend with over 55,000 people playing the demo. While the average number of players is slightly lower, the game’s community continues to grow. In addition to these great demo numbers, there is also a group of people who decided to pre-order the game. While Outriders is scheduled to release on April 1st, the game currently sits in sixth place among Steam’s best sellers. We have to be honest that we did not expect this. A few months ago, People Can Fly announced the delay of Outriders. Back then, the studio said the game still needed some work. However, the developers promised a free demo version to help increase the visibility of the game. And what do you know? It worked like a charm! Have you never heard of the Outriders before? You should know that it is an interesting type of looter and shooting game that will remind you of games like Destiny or Borderlands. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world and features many game modes for solo players or teams of up to 3 players. Take a look: You’re done playing the official demo and want to get the full game before it’s released, be sure to check out our pricing for Outriders!

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