“Our Blues” from tvN and Netflix. Two New Teasers

«Our Blues» from tVN is scheduled to premiere on April 9. The style of the story is “omnibus”, that is, it will narrate the stories of different people who have a common point, in this case, the place where they all live, Jeju Island. Therefore, the production has been releasing teasers showing the stories of its different characters. Here we have the teaser of Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Jung Eun, in addition to that of Kim Woobin and Han Ji-min. First, in the teaser with the actresses Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Jung Eun, her characters have become best friends through many decades. They couldn’t be more different though. Uhm Jung Hwa is a feminine and attractive older woman and Lee Jung Eun she plays a foul-mouthed, brash, hard-working person, but they love each other and are willing to do anything for the good of others. And now, we have the third couple. Starring Kim Woobin and Han Ji-min as two inhabitants of the sunny island of Jeju. His story is something for the books, as you can see in the latest trailer. It starts with Lee Young Ok (Han Ji-min) walking towards Park Jeong Joon (Kim Woobin) and calculating its height. 185cm? When people ask what their relationship is, she replies, “It’s the relationship between a ship’s captain and a hanyeo (female diver).” her. With little things, they find happiness in each other’s company. She admits that he is aware of all the rumors about her. Park Jeong Joon wonders if he can really love the woman who keeps meeting so many other men. With a suspenseful sound, she asks him if she has decided on the answer to her question and he nods.

Which story will win us over?? ‘ Our Blues ‘ is the story of diverse people living on Jeju Island who have come together from different walks of life and are now entangled with each other. It stars an outstanding cast that includes Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, Cha Seung Won and many others who have come together to present their various stories. The story will have 20 episodes of Drama and Life genres. «Our Blues» is a creation of the writer Noh Hee-kyung of critically acclaimed dramas such as “That Winter the Wind Blows«, «It’s Ok This is Love«, «dear friends«, live» from tVN and more. It will be led by Kim Kyu Taewho has worked in dramas such as «That Winter, The Wind Blows«, «It’s Okay, That’s Love«, «Live«, «Iris” and “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo«. Credits: Pinkville

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