‘Operation Black Tide’ – Expand to be compressed

There is something that cannot be denied to ‘Operation Black Tide’: It is very entertaining. Four episodes of forty minutes that in total, by eye, add up to the same as a movie that becomes too long or a series that becomes too short. And just as it happens with the 2nd season of ‘Nasdrovia’, it is not a matter of duration as it may seem, but of justifying a certain duration through the content. That is, that it lasts as long as it has to last so that the story is presented in the best possible way. That it lacks or has nothing left over like ‘Operación Marea Negra’, a production that either lacks or has more than enough in its aim of being, first and foremost, entertaining. Clearly and stubbornly. Despite herself and what they will say while she barricades herself in the presence of Lex González, the only pawn who looks like a person. Around him roam drug traffickers, law enforcement officers, family members or friends who do little more than keep him company, mechanisms of a script that he threatens to give them a voice that then drowns out the smallest. Filled with names and surnames, victims of a story that treats them as pawns who are disconnected as soon as they are not in the picture. They are there to serve the script, not a story to which what has been said, lacks or has more than enough. What they prefer. Within a story raised in an archetypal way, ‘Operation Black Tide’ is a video game whose cinematics we skip to get to the point. With a rough development and thick line. With disposable characters and situations that arise because you know, they are things that happen. And at full speed, always forward even if we don’t know where we’re going. An effective entertainment but empty and hollow. A passing and generic entertainment that when in doubt about focusing on the journey of lex González or surrounding him with some other gamer, is left with the doubt: It expands to compress. Thus, everything becomes an impersonal issue at the service of a legitimate but forgettable cause, and whose apparent intensity hides indifference: That of a fast-moving consumer drama shielded by the real events that give it (some) life.

By Juan Pairet



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