One Punch Man Chapter 148: Release Date, Discussion And Watch Online

The release of a new chapter is confirmed. And, here is all that you need to know about the release of One Punch Man Chapter 148. Keep reading.

When Is The Release Of One Punch Man Chapter 148?

The previous chapter of One Punch Man was released on June 15, 2021. Usually, new chapters are released 15 days after the release of the previous chapters. In that accord, the new chapter is to be released on June 29, 2021. So, this is for sure a great treat for anime lovers.

Where To Read One Punch Man? 

One punch man releases a new chapter every now and then. You can read this anime online on various platforms. The more predominant platform is VizMedia and MangaPlus. You are also requested not to read this anime on other illegal platforms.

One Punch Man Chapter 148: Release Date, Discussion And Watch Online

One Punch Man Chapter 148 Spoilers

The spoilers of an anime are usually released when after the release date of the anime is said. One punch man chapter 148 is scheduled to release on the 29th of June. But, there are no spoilers yet about anime. There are no official spoilers for the anime as of now. But, we can for sure expect new and interesting elements adding up to the plot.

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One-Punch Man – Plot

The story is set in the subcontinent of Earth. Here there is a struggle for life and havoc all over. With all the problems happening in front of the Earth, a millionaire Agoni builds up an association of superheroes called the Hero Academy. And then comes Saitama who is a superhero. He hails from City Z. Also, the main hobby that he has is fighting. Moreover, he has a very powerful strength. That makes him unbeatable. Furthermore, his strength makes him untouchable. Also, because of this, he is claimed to be full of boredom. This is all about the story. And the plot ends up twisty and filled with fun.

Genre: Manga

The Trailer

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