One Piece Chapter 1017 Release Date Confirmed And Recap

So, for all of your anticipating minds, the release of One Piece Chapter 1017 is confirmed, and here is all that you need to know about the release. 

When Is One Piece Chapter 1017 Releasing? 

Good things take time, don’t they? One piece chapter 1017 is delayed by a week. But, it is officially confirmed that this new chapter will be released on June 27, 2021. Also, Viz Media and Manga plus allows you to read the chapters online. Though both require you to be members to read all the chapters, the first 3 chapters are for free.

Where To Watch One Piece Chapter 1017

The series is to be streamed on Crunchyroll. Also, Crunchyroll has other manga series too. Satisfy your manga needs out there. The updates will also be put up on Manga plus and Viz Media post the release of the series this Sunday.

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One Piece Storyline

This story dates back to 22 years where a great pirate dies. Moreover, he dies revealing the fact that there is a secret treasure called the one piece. After this announcement, everyone starts practicing to becomes pirates in order to acquire that hidden treasure. A young boy by the name of Monkey D. Luffy aspires to get the treasure. But, he loses the ability to swim after consuming a fruit called the Devil fruit.

One Piece Chapter 1017 Release Date Confirmed And Recap

Then, he grows along with the pirates and other people. He grows big and is strong. He, in his infancy, defeats other pirates and is promoted. This series is all about the life of Luffy.

Genre: Adventure fiction, fantasy

One Piece Chapter 1017 Spoilers

Officially there are no spoilers released on this new chapter. But, there are assumptions being made in this new chapter. With so much eagerness boiling in the minds of the fans, there are high chances for more fights. It is expected that there may be fights and clashes. Also, Luffy, Momonosuke, and Kaidou are expected to be a part of these fights.

Furthermore, we have no proper information about the updates on the new chapter as there are no spoilers released yet. Also, there are high hopes in the minds of people that Fluffy will defeat Kaidou. With this victory, there are chances that he wins the minds of the people of Wano. Besides, it is expected that the battle is to be of the worst gen pirates vs two sea emperors. Did I just spike up your dopamine levels with this? Adding, there is expected to be no marines involved in the battle. Whatever be it, for sure, this is to have a lot of fights and drama. So, stay tuned.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Recap

After heavy struggles, a new weapon that was formed by Zeus was at the hands of Naami. Also, with the help of the weapon, Naami could very easily defeat the flying six. Moreover, Yamato was having serious issues with her father. To ignite the waiting more, Luffy was rumored to be dead. is he dead actually? But, Luffy did promise Momonosuke that he will return. So, will he? To quench your thirst, hoping for the new release is the only cure.

Usop and Nami struggled, but at last, Naami got a new weapon formed by Zeus, and Ulti of flying six was defeated by it easily. While Yamato is having a big serious fight with her father Kaidou. Mostly at the start, the chapter compared fight stats in terms of people left and switching sides. The rumor of Luffy dead was spread out but we know Luffy actually promised Momonosuke that he will return! let’s wait for what will happen in One piece Chapter 1017.

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