One piece Chapter 1016 Release Date, Spoilers, Highlights

One piece Plot

One Piece is a famous manga Japanese series where it has hit some big milestones as it has gained a number of fans through its ongoing story and titles. The story is set on the life of Monkey D. Luffy, who is a young boy as he sets himself to go through the mysterious journey and to pass all the hurdles that would stand in his way. He was just an average regular boy working on a daily life basis until he found a fruit which was then known as a Devil Fruit because Luffy acquired the characteristics of rubber after having that fruit and he was unaware of those consequences. Follow article for One piece Chapter 1016 release date spoilers and previous chapter summary.

One piece chapter 1016 release date

One piece chapter 1016

One piece chapter 1016 is all set to drop on 13th June, 2021 as the time would vary depending on the different geographical locations and the fandom is very much excited and eager to have their attention on this upcoming chapter.

One piece chapter 1016 spoilers!!

The confirmed spoilers of One Piece chapter 1016 are not out yet but as what some sources claim that we may now finally be able to witness the fight of Yamaha with Kaido, who is her father as this surprisingly will be a blast for all if it comes true because this fight has been listed as one of the most awaited ones. All shedding the light as what the previous chapter ended in a way that those two were portrayed at the scene and that’s how the second chapter will continue from that point.

Previous chapter explained

One piece chapter 1016

In the previous chapter, it was shown how Kaido was able to defeat as how he pierced it’s way through his chest. The realization then comes to Momonosuke that the voices he has been hearing all this time in his head were of no one but Luffy. As Shinobu and he tried to escape Kaido.

Where To Read 

If you want to cover more in the mysterious journey of Luffy and his pirate crew and to see if they would be worthy enough to possess that treasure, you can head to Viz Media as it is available to read there for free.

One piece chapter 1016

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