On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler

On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 is ready to release. Read the article to find out more about the release date and all the spoilers about the next episode of the show.

On the verge of insanity is a 2021 South Korean television series. The series premiered on June 23, 2021. The show has Jung Jae Hyung, Moon So-ri, Lee Sang Yeonghye, and Kim Ga-Eun as the lead. The story of the show revolves around Choi Ban Soek and Dang Ja young. Both of them work at a company and Choi Ban who has worked as an engineer is transferred to the personnel department.

The show represents the struggles of Middle-Aged people in the workplace. The name of the show totally justifies it and represents how the stress and pressure of work can please a person on the verge of insanity.

On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler


Before moving further with the On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 release date, let’s get a quick recap.

Previously On the verger of Insanity episode, 10 starts with Ja young, who is worried about the Dishwasher matter. Later we see her telling President about the problem and asks him to look at the solution that she thinks can work. She and Choi Ban Soek represent the solution for the problem and the president approves it.

Later Han Se-Kwon confronts her about the investigation. And the three of them go to headquarter for the further procedure. Meanwhile, others are worried if their name is also on the investigation or not. Ja Young, Se Kwon, and Ban Seok reach the headquarter. All of them are questioned and Ja young tells them that she will tell them the truth. Se Kwon finds him in a trouble after the interrogation.

On getting the news of him being fired from the company, Sekwon Beggs the president o give him one more chance. The president harshly tells him that he will give him another chance since he is on his knees. Later he tells Na Ri about his father and how he failed to run a business.

Ban Seok asks Han soo to join the team. At first, he refuses but later accepts the offer to join the team. Ja young spends some time with her father. And she becomes very happy when her father recognizes her.

At the end of the episode a notice of voluntary resignation for whoever has worked for a minimum of 5 years.

Lets move further with On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Release Date and spoilers.

On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Release Date, Recap, And Spoiler

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On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Spoiler

In the next episode, we can see how Ja young and others will manage to get out of the voluntary resignation situation. Se Kwon finding the solution to the problem that happened because of him.

The teaser shows that Choi Ban Seok is exempted from the list of the employee who is suggested to for voluntary resignation. the list will be revealed in the next episode and who else will be up for voluntary resignation.

We can also see a new character who will be replacing Ja young from her position and everyone is wondering who will be fired with this voluntary resignation. The episode will be based on Ja young trying to save her job.

On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 Release Date

On The Verge Of Insanity Episode, 11 Was originally going to release on July 28, 2021. Birdie to the broadcasting of Tokyo Olympic 2021 the episode was delayed and the release date for the show was postponed to August 11, 2021. The next episode will air on Wednesday. And the further episodes will air on their regular schedule.

Where to Watch

The show airs weekly on MBC. The show is available on different platforms to watch. On The Verge Of Insanity Episode 11 will be available to watch after its release on MBC. You can watch the shoe on Kocowa Tv with English subtitles. The show is also available on Viki with English subtitles. You can watch all the previous episodes of the shows as well.

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