on my block season 5

On My Block Season 5: Release Date, Time, Cast & What to Expect?

Nowadays, there are very few shows that qualify to watch more than once, the shows that retain the thrill, excitement, and fun even after watching them. On My Block fell is one such Netflix Series, you can watch it again and again and still not get bored. Read the article to know about the release date of On My Block Season 5. Did it get renewed?


On my block season 5

This American-Teen Comedy Drama follows the lives of four teens living in a Los Angeles neighborhood called Freeridge. What happens when their lifelong Friendship is tested after they reach the new chapter of their life ‘High-school’? We come across Monse Finnie, the leader of the group. Apparently, she is in love with one of her best-friends Cesar Diaz, and navigates her life from this fact. The most entertaining character is Jamal turner, the nerd of the group who also prevents his friends from doing anything stupid. Jasmine and Ruby, the couple of the group.

Reviews and Ratings of On My Block

on my block season 5

The first season of the show was released in 2018 and had other three seasons making it a total of 4 seasons. With a sprinkle of millennial humor and free-spiritedness, the show succeeded in topping the charts and becoming one of the most popular shows in history. The show also bagged the title of Netflix’s most-binged show in 2018. There has been a lot of buzz and speculation about whether the show is coming back with On my block season 5. We have some answers to your questions.

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 On My Block Season 5 Release Date

on my block season 2

Fans were not ready for the fact that their favorite show has come to an end as the actors were posting farewell social media posts for the show. They expressed gratitude to fans who showered so much love on the series that it managed to churn out four successful seasons. However, On My Block will not be returning for the 5th season. It is confirmed that the fourth season was also the final season of the show. however, Netflix has something in the Pipeline for us. 

Will there be a Sequel? 

After the confirmation that On My Block season 5 will not be a thing. Netflix gave hints for the spin-off series of On My Block. The title of which will be Freeridge, most likely. A new core four will be introduced with a fresh cast. However, no official date of release and cast is announced yet.

Where to Watch all four seasons?

on my block season 5

You can always this comfort show exclusively on Netflix while waiting for the spin-off series. 

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