Omar Sanchez, nostalgic, shares the most emotional memory of Anabel Pantoja

Survivors 2022 · Omar Sánchez

Omar Sánchez, now that Anabel Pantoja is going to participate in ‘Survivors 2022’, has recalled a very nice message of support that she dedicated to him when he participated in the contest a year ago

Since Anabel Pantoja and Omar Sánchez announced their separation, There are many rumors that there have been about a possible reconciliation. They have never confirmed this, but they have had gestures with which they have shown that there is a good relationship between them, that they continue to be very fond of each other and that they continue to be a great support for each other. Now that Isabel Pantoja’s niece has set course for ‘Survivors 2022’, her ex-husband has become a support for her and even before she left for Honduras he taught her some survival tricks so that this time it will go much better than in his previous participation. And now that it’s been a few days since they said goodbye, Omar has had a most nostalgic memory of Anabel.Although now she is the protagonist of ‘Survivors 2022’, we must remember that last year around this time it was he who was participating in the ‘reality’. During her stay in Honduras, it was her girlfriend and fiancée at the time who was in charge of defending him on the sets and through social networks. Today, Omar Sánchez has shared on Instagram one of those messages of support that Anabel Pantoja sent him when the canary was participating in Honduras. Specifically, he has shared a message of pride with which Isabel Pantoja’s niece shouted from the rooftops her pride because he had obtained the leader’s necklace. “I eat your entrails”, put the collaborator in the image.Omar Sánchez shares a memory of Anabel Pantoja. Instagram @omar_sancheze33 Omar Sánchez has shared these images with great nostalgia and has accompanied them with a very significant text. “What memories, how I want it to start”, he has written next to a heart in black, a symbol that unites him with Anabel Pantoja because he has used it with her on more occasions. In this way, the canary has assured that he really wants to see her ex-wife participate in ‘Survivors 2022’ and has made it clear that he will be a support for her. Who knows, perhaps the passage of Isabel Pantoja’s niece through Honduras will cause something to change between them and a rapprochement will take place. We will have to wait for the return to check it, but surely while Omar does not hesitate to have gestures as nice as this with his now ex-wife.

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