Olleh TV’s “Juvenile Delinquency” Premiere, with Yoon Chan Young

Juvenile Delinquency” (literal title) is a teen drama film noir about Kyung Da Jung, an 18-year-old girl who was used by her parents to transport drugs, she meets Gong Yoon Tak, a rural boy who is overwhelmed with his life in the countryside. Together with her friends, they discover a marijuana field. It will have 10 episodes and the genres are romance, youth and drama, this will be the first season, the second is announced as a production but there is still no date for the premiere.

Won Ji Anwho previously appeared on “DP” of Netflix, will play Kyung Da Jung. His character is going to deliver drugs as his parents ordered, but he ends up hiding in the countryside after his plan goes awry.

Yoon Chan Young who impressed everyone in his role as Lee Cheong San in “All of Us Are Dead,” will be playing Gong Yoon Tak, who is the same in both looks and personality. Gong Yoon Tak lives as the breadwinner for his family, taking care of his father and his two younger brothers. He is caught in the middle of all kinds of incidents after Kyung Da Jung suddenly shows up.

Yoon Hyun Soo He will play the younger brother of Gong Yoon Tak and the most troublesome kid in the neighborhood, Gong Yoon Jae. He is a rebellious character who was always looking for an opportunity to get out of the house and causing trouble by living by his own rules. Recently, for some reason, he comes home earlier and earlier. What makes you return home faster will arouse the curiosity of the viewers.

Han Se Jin She will be playing Kim Kook Hee, who has no fixed place to stay and wanders here and there. He has a crush on his classmate Hong Ae Ran, and is a neighborhood cheerleader with his unique, bright, and optimistic personality. Behind the face of Kim Kook Hee, who seems to not have a care in the world, is an indescribable wound. Finally, Yang Seo-hyun She will play Hong Ae Ran, the envy of all girls who want to be like her, the girl is the first love of all boys. However, she receives criticism from everyone around her due to her mother’s job at a karaoke bar. Despite this, she thinks that if her mother is happy, she is fine, she will always defend her. “Juvenile Delinquency” will be released on March 25 through the seezn streaming service, according to its record a second season will also be developed, hopefully we can see both! By calling it “black drama” they have my attention and I can’t help but think of “Strangers from Hell» my best in the genre. The address is from the PD Jo Yong Ik who only has the script and direction of a 2017 drama called «trivia matters«, the script is from the writer Jung Soo Yoonalso appears as a writer for the second season and one of his dramas, which has several, but unknown to me, is «ending again» from 2020. Credits Soompi

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