OCN’s “A Superior Day”, First Impressions

«A Superior Day» by OCN, is based on a webtoon of the same name and will unfold as a thriller about an ordinary man who must kill the serial killer who lives next door to save his kidnapped daughter. The protagonists are developed by Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon and Lee Won Geun. It will have 8 episodes in the suspense, action and drama genres, the direction is from the PD Jo Nam Hyungwho directedTale of the Nine Tailed«. The rating of its first episode was 1,045%. It is aimed at audiences over 18 years of age. It broadcasts one episode per week, so it ends on May 1. To satisfy those of us who enjoy series about serial killers, the premiere of “A Superior Day” arrived, but I’m still fresh on how new the realism of Through the Darkness” and with «A Superior Day» I must say back to basics, it is a macabre and somewhat old-fashioned story that employs a simple hook: a father tasked with tracking down a serial killer in exchange for the life of his daughter who has been kidnapped by the criminal.

Jin Goo plays firefighter Lee Ho-chul, whom we first meet as he exits an ambulance on a deserted highway in the shadow of an overpass after driving through town. Lee Ho-chul appears covered in blood and grabs an unmarked case, which he opens to reveal a gun. He heads to a parking lot where his daughter is being held by an unknown man. He points the gun at the camera and a shot sounds. The sound of the shot takes us back two years. Lee Ho-chul shoots down a rifle while attending business outside an apartment block. With his work done, he is packing when a noise within the block draws his attention, he heads for a door, but as he tries to enter he is attacked by a man who comes out and injures him. This man is the so-called “rich girl killer” a guy who attacks young women in their apartments and leaves grotesque scenes behind. As Lee Ho Chul’s wife tries to protect him, an unscrupulous reporter posts a picture of him claiming that he managed to see the killer, putting our hero and his family in grave danger. We travel to the present where Lee Ho Chul and his family live in a new place peacefully, he has not returned to work and takes care of her daughter, two men from the neighborhood are close to her, a neighbor and the security guard. security. Then his peaceful life is interrupted when the killer from the past resurfaces with a new crime that takes place in the same building where Lee Ho Chul’s family lives. And after this, the daughter of our protagonist is kidnapped. If he wants to get her back, he must catch the criminal he is supposed to have seen in the next 24 hours, thus starting a chase against the clock, but why did the murderer attack again right at the building where Lee Ho Chul lives?? «A Superior Day« thus sticks to a conventional dramatic framework and saves his wit for his gruesome crime scenes.

Jin Goo is suitable for this action-thriller role although he feels a bit shy in his main role, while Lee Won Geun He has yet to be distinguished from the handsome, grinning killers (suspects in this case) that populate the Korean media. And though we still don’t see his face, Ha Do-kwon plays the man who talks on the phone and warns Lee Ho Chul about the dangerous task he must take on to get his son back. He is one of the most memorable supporting actors in K-dramas in recent years, so one hopes that he will get to do something interesting with his character. But at this point, he feels like a relative of a Rich Girl Killer victim out for revenge. We will see if in the next episodes «A Superior Day» becomes a «superior» truth drama or remains in the attempt. «A Superior Day» by OCN is an 8-episode story of Thriller, Mystery, Psychological and Drama genres. In addition to the address of the PD Jo Nam Hyunghas the writer in the script Lee Ji-hyun author in part, of the success of SBS «TAxis Driver» of 2021 that is preparing its second season. Mrs Lee Ji-hyun took the place of the writer Oh Sang Howho resigned from the drama due to differences with the production.

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