Nurse gets Fired for Mocking Covid Protocol in TikTok Videos, Here’s The Full Story

 Social media has taken over our life. A day starts with media and are they and spirit. I can confidently say that you check your messages as well as emails before sleeping. “I don’t want to miss anything” and “it could be important, you know” are just some of the most popular excuses we use to justify ourselves.

This time social media has done something that no one potentially could. The nurse gets Fired because of hateful and inflammatory TikTok videos. Here are all the details.

Nurse Ashley Grames

Tik Tok recently has become the star of controversies. People using Tiktok are using their freedom of speech in a way that but as is their reputation as well as their career. This is not right and should not be overlooked. Check for the same are required and in this case, it has been. A nurse who stopped following the covid protocol is now jobless.

The nurse’s name is Ashley Grames. She claims that she is not really sure about the precautions they have to take to be safe from covid. Therefore she claims to travel without a mask. Adding to the video,  Ashley confirmed that she did not wear a mask in the playground filled with children. When she takes her child to play in the park there is no mask involved. She was working at Salem Health. This whole incident came to light because the nurse should the video in her work dress.

Nurse gets Fired
Nurse gets Fired


Her batch was also visible in the video. After this post started getting lots of views, She realized that it was dangerous for her job. The nurse is from Oregon and was actually called out by another nurse. Nurse Amanda who called out Ashley was quite worried about Herself and the community.

Nurse Amanda And her Viral Video

She tells HGW8 that her family member went through Covid and ended up passing out. She recently had a baby and she was not ready to take any chances with anyone else. When she came across the video she was furious. Amanda made a duet with the video and by God’s grace, it went viral.

Salem Health’s reputation was now at stake. They give a statement that this was not their intention and they take the covid protocol seriously. But some action had to be taken to give out a strong message and therefore Ashley left Salem Health.

The Reaction of Industry

Reacting to this, many nurses show their support for Amanda. They also know that how serious the covid situation really is. They don’t want to take any chances with their or their community’s health. Everyone is working day and night to calm the situation of the wall. Sabotaging this pandemic will not be tolerated,  especially from a nurse. 


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