Nurse Fired for Spreading Hate through TikTok

We all have thought social media was a big advantage and a step towards digitalization or just another factor for children to stop studying. No matter what we think social media is now considered a need for this world. Many people claim that social media is affecting students’ and young generations’ life the most. But Tiktok has proven us wrong again. Here is another case where a man used his rights to spread hatred and ended up jobless. A Nurse Fired for Spreading Hate and here are all the details.

Misuse Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is necessary until it is used for wrong things. One should be able to express not only his views but also his Peace of Mind without any fear and obligation. But where do we draw the line between exercising a right and misusing it? This is the fundamental issue of this news.

A simple nurse named Nathan from Alabama Is recently fire because of the misuse of his TikTok account. In the process of sharing his opinions, he inclines toward controversies. Racism, Homophobia, and bullying are some of the topics he covers.

Nathan TikTok Creator

A video compilation was posted by @rx0rcist, who is a female TikTok creator. The compilation included 4 to 5 controversial videos of @conservativecoy1776. He is the nurse content creator on TikTok.  And @rx0rcist fed up with all the hate and negativity spoke up and asked Nathan about it. 

“You know it’d be a real fuckin’ shame if someone happened to identify you and your employer using a partial view of your work badge you flashed on your old account, and then forwarded all of your shenanigans, both to your employer at Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama, as well as the Alabama Board of Nursing,”

Well not much to anyone’s surprise, he got fired. It turned out that because the video compilation had gone viral,  he faced this. The consequences were deemed to set upon Nathan. As it turns out, The female TikToker did all that she could in her power to get him fired. She was the one who claimed about this and reported him to the desired faculty.

Public Opinion of The Nurse

“Fingers crossed we get a follow-up video from him crying about this or claiming that he will be alright because he is going to take his old employers/the people who sent the info to court,” said Redditors criticizing the whole incident.

“These people always quote Crowder, Shapiro, and Rogan then scream ‘”THINK FOR YOURSELF”‘ and claim you only get your information from CNN.,” said one person and “Yeah, guys like this are proud of their ignorance and negative qualities.” says the other one.

If you wish to see the video and the public’s opinion on the same click here. The link will take you to the desired page on Reddit with both opinions and video compilation.

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