Noh Yoon Seo and Bae Hyun Sung on “Our Blues”

The most recent episodes of «Our Blues» have mainly revolved around the story of high school students Jung Hyun and Bang Young Joo, who are in their last year of high school. The boys are in love and have acted irresponsibly. Now, Bang Young Joo is pregnant and both young men believe that they can make life work according to their illusions. However, their parents hate each other, one of them is full of resentment towards the other, and the new situation only increases the hatred and violence between them.

Looking from the outside, all the characters are wrong!! Parents are not perfect, they have made a mistake in parenting, but they have tried to do their best. The young people made me angry, cry and laugh (because of their naivety). They are very realistic characters, they believe that they can eat the world with only high school education and their illusions. In Korea, middle schools consist of three grades. Most students enter at age 12 and graduate at age 14 or 15, in Mexico, equivalent to high school. Then, the boys enter what they call secondary school where they enter at 15 years old and leave at 18, this is equivalent in Mexico to high school. The next degree is university, both in Mexico and in Korea, which can last between 4 to 5 years.

Bang Young Joo believes that life will always work out the way she wants, unable to appreciate her father’s effort and acknowledge his incapacities, although when she sees him suffer, just as she foresaw he would react to pain and disappointment, she remains adamant that she will not. do what her father asks of her and follow in her dream that she and Jung Hyun will be able to “love” each other forever and show adults that they “can” do better. (It made me want to enter the screen XD!!). Jung Hyun has dropped out of school while Bang Youn Joo is still in school, he wants to take care of the financial needs of her new “family”. But then again, the bombshell they’ve dropped on their parents is no small thing, and as I’ve recently learned, what doesn’t start well, never ends well. Not that I want to see them fail, but I hope the writer doesn’t come up with a rosy, happy resolution for this pair of naive characters, totally oblivious to the reality of life, who even dare to judge their parents. As the saying goes “Children are the harshest judges and the most implacable executioners for their parents. I remain hopeful because already with the first story, the writer provided a realistic resolution that satisfied me. For you, what is the message left by these characters so far? Of course I know that we still have to see more of them!!

For his excellent interpretive work, Noh Yoon SeoY Bae Hyung Sung They appeared on Good Data’s list of top 10 most mentioned actors by Korean netizens for the week ending May 1, and also appeared on Naver’s “Our Blues Special Show” on April 30 to talk about the drama. The two young actors chose the role they want to play if they could play another character. Bae Hyun-sung answered: ” Kim Woobin . It’s great”, while Noh Yoon-seo said: “I like Han Ji Min. She is so pretty.” in drama, Han Ji Min Y Kim Woo Bin they have a romantic relationship between a haenyeo (Korean traditional female diver) and a ship captain. The two showed off their lovey-dovey compatibility and said, “So will we continue to show off our chemistry together again?” Bae Hyun-sung then mentioned to Kim Woo Bin in the ranking, showing his shy fan feeling, eliciting laughter. They also talked behind the scenes of the emotional scenes with her parents in the drama. . Bae Hyun-sung recalled, “I was looking at the monitor when my father in the drama, Park Ji-hwanI was filming the scene where he broke his stuff, those feelings hit me deep and my heart ached,” and Noh Yoon-seo said, “There is a scene where my father in the drama, Choi Young-joon, he slapped himself on the cheek and my hand automatically came out because my heart ached.” “Our parents are so good at acting, we just follow them. Just seeing their performance is enough to turn us into Hyun and Young-joo for a moment.”

Regarding the episode I was looking forward to, Noh Yoon-seo said, “The story of Ok-dong and Dong-seok ( Kim Hye-ja Y Lee Byung-hun ) will be full of tears”. When she was asked about an unexpected twist, Bae Hyun-sung said, “The character named Young-ok (Han Jimin) It was completely different from what I imagined when looking at the script.” On “Our Blues” , both said, “It is a drama that makes you identify with the sadness of the characters, makes you want to calm them down when they get angry, comfort them, and cheer them up since everything is like your own story. ”. Noh Yoon-seo Y Bae Hyun-sung they continued to play the role of “promotion fairies” by asking people to watch the drama.

Bae Hyun Sung He is 23 years old, he participated for the first time as an actor in «Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim?» of 2018, in episodes 13 and 14. He has participated in 2 movies and 7 other dramas, in addition to «Our Blues«. Noh Yoon Seo, is 22 years old and this is his first drama, and he also participated in a movie. Credits Kbizoom

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