Nintendo also leaves Russia and cancels shipments of consoles and games

Virtually every major technology company in the world is retaliating or abandoning operations in Russia due to the war that the country, ruled for decades by Putin, has waged against its neighbors in Ukraine. Except for companies from countries “friends” of Russia such as China, the big players in the sector no longer sell products and services in the country, and after Japan’s Sony, now their compatriot joins Nintendo to veto Russia, paralyzing all shipments of consoles and other items to the country.

Although this movement comes now, a few days ago the Nintendo eShop platform in Russia went into maintenance mode and stopped operating with rubles.
Geeknetic Nintendo also leaves Russia and cancels shipments of 2 consoles and games

Russia has been left out of the console market

Following Nintendo’s decision, Russia has been left without access to the market of the three main console brands and the Russians will not be able to acquire neither Xbox, nor PlayStation nor Nintendo Switch, nor all the models or games of the three giants of video game hardware, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. In addition, the Japanese company has also delayed its game Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, due to its theme (a country equivalent to Russia (Blue Moon) starts a war against its neighbor to destabilize the world) End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!

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