Next call Forward CLM Investment for SMEs

Published on April 26, 2022 The publication of a new call for the FORWARD INVESTMENT PROGRAM for the Promotion of Investment and the improvement of Business productivity in Castilla-La Mancha (FIE). The objective of this call is to provide the necessary impetus to companies and freelancers to start up a business project, its incorporation into the business fabric of Castilla-La Mancha, and the improvement of its productivity, all by making productive investments, the improvement of the processes and products manufactured in the region, the differentiation of these from the competition and the opening to new markets to achieve the consolidation of the business fabric of the region.
Projects promoted by SMEs whose activity is included in the list of eligible CNAES will be eligible., and that carry out projects of any of the following types: Creation of a new establishment. Expansion of the capacity of an existing establishment. Diversification of the production of an establishment in products that were not previously produced in the same. Fundamental transformation of the global production process of an existing establishment. These projects may not be less than the limit minimum eligible investment of 5,000 euros and may not exceed the maximum investment limit of 900,000 euros.
Among the eligible items are: land, land development, building acquisition, civil works, planning and engineering works, capital goods, machinery, installations and tools, furniture and fixtures, as well as computer equipment and programs. The funding received is in the form of grant, with maximum percentages on the eligible investment, up to 45% in the case of micro or small companies and 35% for medium-sized companies.
It is a help where the application submission period is permanently open, from the end of the application period for each call until the beginning of the application period for the next. It is expected that the new call will be published in the short term, giving an approximate period of one month to present the proposals for said call. At Globalcaja, we put at your disposal our Technical office, a high added value service with which we seek to help companies throughout the entire process of identification, application, preparation of the file and subsequent justification of regional, national and European aid. We encourage you to contact us through our website: to obtain more information about the ADELANTE INVERSIÓN Program or about any of the different lines of public aid and complementary financing options available for your project. INFORMATIONTitleNext call for CLM investment for SMEsDescriptionA new call for the FORWARD INVESTMENT PROGRAM for the Promotion of Investment and the improvement of Business productivity in Castilla-La Mancha (FIE) is scheduled to be published shortly. Author GLOBALCAJA

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