NewChic: The Next-Door E-Commerce Forum


In a climate in which high fashion is dominating, and your next great closet necessity is accessible with the press of a button, supplying trendy concepts at cut-rate cost became a worldwide retail norm.


Consumers now have access to a global market of low-cost deals on a wide range of clothing, electronics, and home goods thanks to the internet.


Even though it’s easy to be swayed by a great deal, take some time to consider whether or not NewChic apparel and accessories are actually worth the money.

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A Quick Exordium Of NewChic

As an online clothes retailer, China-based NewChic specializes in delivering high-quality clothing and accessories. NewChic goes to great lengths to make sure that the products it ships are of the highest possible quality in comparison to the overwhelming bulk of other Chinese online stores. As a result, their online reviews tend to be better than those of their competitors.

The Genesis Of Newchic Forum

We began our investigation into “Is NewChic real?” by examining the company’s address. Notwithstanding the statement that the organization advertises a billing address in London, our investigation uncovered that the organization’s operating location is genuinely in Hong Kong.


In addition to the Guangdong address, we found a third address for refund shipments in China, which we think to be where the company keeps its warehouses.


Despite the fact that a shopper’s confusion may be understandable, it is not uncommon for international fashion brands to have multiple locations across the world. As a consequence, the fact that the NewChic clothing company currently has multiple locations does not mean that it is not genuine.


Customers from all across the world have been following the company ever since. As a result, has been supplemented by, which serves the company’s global customers.

Is NewChic A Credible Virtual Shopping Platform?


NewChic has proven its usefulness as the antithesis of a “scam” when compared to other virtual apparel platforms. According to our findings, this site is among the five significant most legitimate, and well-reviewed platforms on the market. NewChic has set the bar as an e-commerce clothes forum with its quick shipping, attentive customer service, and a variety of clothing sectors, including home textiles as well. Similarly, the forum’s top-notch product quality serves as an additional persuasion point for buyers to invest in it.

NewChic Official Website

The NewChic Association Scheme

The NewChic affiliate program gives those who want to promote the firm and get paid an incentive the chance to do so while also earning referral fees. It’s entirely free to join the program.


Introducing traffic to NewChic through an affiliate link can earn you up to 16% profit. NewChic review samples are also given to them in exchange for writing a review.

The NewChic Dropshipping Policies

Customers that wish to sell clothing on their websites don’t have to worry about purchasing things, storing inventory, or fulfilling orders.


NewChic apparel can be obtained in exchange for erasing all identifying signs from the merchandise and shipping it directly to their customers. Following the sale of an item, the website’s owner receives a commission.

The NewChic Wholesale Initiative

To take it a step further, distributors who wanted to acquire NewChic products in large quantities to keep in warehouses and resell them either electronically or in a retail location can make use of the wholesale program at no additional charge.


Wholesale customers of NewChic clothing can still preserve around 35% off the company’s already low list prices, take advantage of special discounts, and have admission to the popular web Wholesale Center.

NewChic Official Website

How NewChic Square Accounts With Buyers?

Although it is regrettable, NewChic’s refund and refund policies are not always created with the customer in mind. If an item is recalled as it does not have a manufacturing problem, the service provider is responsible for “both the delivery costs we spent to deliver the item to both the buyer and the shipping expenses you paid to deliver the product back to us,” according to the terms of the return policy.


Refunds must be requested within 14 days after delivery, and the company states that if the goods are damaged or the size or color does not reflect what you ordered, you will be entitled to either a replacement or a complete refund, based on the circumstances.


What happens if you want to return something for a different reason than the one stated above? NewChic’s return policy states that the company “will reimburse you in conformity with your situation” after analyzing your purchase.


There are also certain items that are not eligible for a refund, such as earrings and swimwear, about which they will not issue a refund or an exchange as well. In addition, items must be surrendered in their original state, which includes being unused, unclean, and with their appropriate tags still attached.

NewChic Official Website

In what appears to be a fraud, a huge percentage of consumers are confronted with situations in which retrieving their payments in full after acquiring NewChic clothing is either exceedingly difficult or impossible. This is especially true for first-time buyers.

NewChic & Buyers

It’s interesting to note that the majority of positive reviews reflect gratitude for the firm’s customer relations rather than the actual products. Many customers complained receiving compensation for late deliveries or shipments that never made it to their intended destination, according to the company.


One of their clients complained, saying, “I ordered shoes from them but never received them.” My great moment was that they would be able to return the money from me without any issue. I was grateful. I would suggest this site to anyone who is looking to make a purchase online.


Another customer stated that as soon as she forwarded a copy of her refund postal ticket to NewChic, she received a substitute pair of shoes. Each and every letter was swiftly responded to, and they were quite communicative throughout.


Even though the bulk of NewChic customer feedback seems to laud the company’s service methods, it’s worth mentioning that a significant number of consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s delivery practices. Despite the fact that the customer service representatives are superb, the trouble of dealing with delivery times may not even be worthwhile for certain clients. Although we hope that the organization is working hard to address all of our concerns in a completely professional and ethical manner.

NewChic Official Website

The Final Voguish Remarks

It goes without saying that if you are looking for seasonal fashion at an inexpensive price category with a diverse array of possibilities, NewChic is the platform for you. This forum is well worth your time and money because of the high quality of the products, the quickness with which they are delivered, and the attention to detail.