New trailer and details of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

New trailer and details of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

capcom showed on Tuesday a new trailer of the expansion sun break of your video game monster hunter rise. Through a digital event dedicated exclusively to this new downloadable content, the Japanese company has shown the new features that this massive expansion will bring to the original title. The new content is scheduled to be released next 30 from June from 2022 in format digital Y physical for switch and only in format digital for pc via Steam. Just like the original game, Sunbreak will feature texts of screen in Spanish.

Throughout the digital event Capcom released the latest Sunbreak trailer under the title of The Mystery of Malzeno. The video shows the main novelties that the expansion will add to the original title, such as the three new monstersthe news techniques and the new ones missions for single player mode. Also shown is what the Elder Dragon will look like and what abilities it will have. Malzeno, one of the most important novelties of Sunbreak. To complement the trailer, the developers of Monster Hunter Rise spent the rest of the event explaining in detail all the news and expand with additional information everything seen in the expansion presentation video. On the one hand, they revealed the abilities and characteristics of Seregios, Somnacanth Aurora Y Almudron Magma, the three new monsters added in the expansion. While the first of them has already appeared in other installments of the saga, the remaining two are completely new to Sunbreak. In addition, they also delve into Malzeno, the flagship monster of this expansion, offering details of his skills Y featuresas well as the inspirations that led to its design in the title.

On the other hand, the developers offer an extensive explanation of the new techniques of exchange of skills and evasion with exchange introduced in Sunbreak. In addition, they also give details of the new missions of support in which the player will have the help of a follower. This follower will perform support actions in battles and will be able to execute techniques exclusive to his class. Among some of the followers are characters like Fiorayne, Luchika or Hinoa.

Finally, at the end of the event they offered information about the digital editions of Sunbreak, the extra content included in the digital edition Deluxe and some add-ons that can be purchased with game saves from Monster Hunter Stories 2. All the information is detailed in the official Web of the title.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest title in the saga available for Nintendo Switch and PC. The title takes place in Kamura Village, a land inspired by ninjas and infested with monsters where your hunting skills will be put to the test. The story takes place one hundred years after the terrible devastation caused by the last calamity. Hunters must now face nightmarish new monsters that threaten to plunge the lands back into chaos. Source: Gematsu

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