New Spy×Family anime trailer

New Spy×Family anime trailer

The official website for the anime of Spy x Family presents a new trailer. In the video, almost two minutes long, you can hear a preview of the song «Mixed Nuts»which is performed by the Japanese group Official HiGE DANdism and which serves as opening of the series, as well as the closing theme song “kigeki” from the singer Gen Hoshino. This manga adaptation created by tetsuya endo will premiere on japanese tv next April 9th and can be followed in the rest of the territories through Crunchyroll.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Dororo, Altair, Neo Yokio) directs this project for the studios cloverworks and Wit Studio. kazuaki shimada (The Promise Neverland) is in charge of character design, while [K]NoW_NAME (Dorohedoro, Sakura Quest) is in charge of composing the music for this anime. the voice actor Takuya Eguchi will voice the character Loid Forger, while Atsumi Tanezaki (Mujika in The Promised Neverland 2) will voice Anya Forger and Saori Hayami (Shinobu Kochô in Kimetsu no Yaiba) will voice Yor Forger. The Spy x Family manga began publication in Shueisha’s Shônen Jump + digital magazine in March 2019. The Japanese publisher released the eighth volume on November 4. Tatsuya Endo’s work was nominated for best work at the 12th Manga Taishou Award in 2019, best shônen manga at the 44th edition of the Kodansha Manga Awards and best manga at the 24th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. This year the work has been nominated for Best US Edition of International Material — Asia at the awards Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards of this year.
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The manga has been published in Spain for almost a year, since June 2020, at the hands of Editorial Ivrea, with 7 volumes already published, although the eighth will go on sale next March 24. It can also be read digitally through the mobile application and the website of plus sleeve. The countries of Westalis and Ostania have been waging a cold war for years where espionage and assassinations are commonplace. The peerless spy known as Twilight is Westalis’s best agent who is out to take on the mighty Donovan Desmond. The problem is that Desmond is an antisocial hermit whose only public appearances are at his son’s school functions. Twilight must get close enough to the target to disrupt her secret agenda. To do this, she only has to pretend that he is a family man… with the small detail that he only has 7 days to find the ideal family. That is why under the identity of the psychiatrist Loid Forger, Twilight will recruit Yor Briar, an Ostanian civilian who wants to keep a low profile and Anya, an orphan who is only looking for a loving family, to play the parts of wife and daughter respectively. But it turns out this pair isn’t your average either, especially when you consider that Yor is a professional assassin wanted by both sides and Anya is a fugitive from a secret lab where she gained telepathic powers. Source: ANN

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