New Need For Speed ​​Game Delayed Because Of Battlefield

Apparently EA is currently struggling to find more development resources for keep up with your release schedule. According to a recent report, EA have changed Criterion Games (known for their Need For Speed ​​games) from their current project, presumably a new NFS gamefor help the EA DICE studio with the development of the new Battlefield game.

Word of this EA team change came from Polygon, which reported that the working conditions due to the pandemicthe exhaustion of EA SAYS and the recent acquisition of Codemasters with a new racing game in the works, they made reassigning Criterion a rational decision. Laura Miele, director of studies at EA, had this to say in a statement: “[Battlefield] It’s shaping up really well, the team has been working incredibly hard, they pushed hard last year, and yes we’ve been working from home. And it is difficult; it is difficult to make games from home and the team of [EA DICE] he’s a little fatigued.” However, Laura Miele reiterated that reassigning Criterion does not mean Need for Speed ​​development is going to be taken away from the team. It’ll just take a little longer. “They own the Need for Speed ​​franchise; that’s why they managed the remastering. They are responsible for whatever is going on within the Need for Speed ​​brand, or things go through them to make sure they’re okay with it.” All this means that the new game Need For Speed will be delayed until at least 2022 so that the new Battlefield game meets its deadline. The EA representative said that the new Battlefield game should debut sometime this fall 2021. It is rumored that the game will be called Battlefield 6 and will revert to a modern configuration. While NFS fans may not be happy about their game being delayed in favor of a new shooter, the new Battlefield sounds promising. You know how they say: you win something, you lose something… Anyway, we are interested in your opinion. If it were up to you to choose which of EA’s upcoming games should be prioritized, what would you choose? Another Need For Speed ​​or Battlefield 6? Whatever you choose, we’ve got great prices on previous Need For Speed ​​and Battlefield titles. Check it out!

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