Netflix Most-Watched Dramas in Terms of Total Hours Viewed

Kdramas have appropriated popularity on Netflix, and in fact, in terms of popularity, Korean content has become the second most popular after American productions globally. Netflix released a list of the 100 productions with the highest number of accumulated playback hours around the world, in the period from June 30, 2021 to January 31, 2022. Let’s meet the Kdramas that were included in this list.

This is interesting because it is not about the users of the platforms entering a few seconds and seeing the beginning of the episode, but rather that they have stayed to watch the complete episodes of the Kdrama, but rather that they have truly reproduced the entire duration of each episode. . This speaks of turning a person into one more follower of the Kdramas through Netflix, which has resulted in an exponential increase in the fame of these productions, many of them are surely not seen once, but several times, by users of the platforms, so let’s go to the list

  1. Squid Game , number 1. It is still the Korean production that continues to be seen by the most public
  2. Hometown Cha cha cha , number 10. Supporting the spread of romance that Kdramas offer.
  3. My Name, number 21. It is notable for the low publicity it received, so word of mouth did its job.
  4. Hellbound , issue 29. It’s surprising given the amount of publicity it got in the USAA
  5. The King’s Affection , number 31. A sampling of period dramas mixed with romance
  6. All of Us Are Dead , number 37. A newcomer that has put the Korean way of telling zombie stories to good use, it is expected to continue climbing the list, although it is unlikely to take the place of “Squid Game”.
  7. Our Beloved Summer , issue #47. An excellent story with a fun, nostalgic romance.
  8. The Silent Sea , number 53. Despite its big stars and publicity, it did not attract as many audiences as desired.
  9. Hospital Playlist 2 , number 60. The everyday narrative medical drama hasn’t been as popular as season 1.
  10. Nevertheless , number 71. It is the second Han Soo Hee drama to enter the platform, although personally it is not to my liking and I do not recommend it to anyone, but of course, it is each one’s decision!!

There are several productions that are not Netflix originals so they receive less publicity on the platform, but what I said about Korean content being popular on the site is confirmed!! However, I don’t understand how to compare dramas of 12-16 episodes, originally made for Korean broadcasters, with the platform’s originals that only have 6-8-12 episodes.

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Veronica Troncoso
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