Nearly six million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the war.

More of 5.9 million people have left Ukraine since Russia launched its military offensive on February 24, according to the latest balance updated this Tuesday by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which he fears that the data even exceeds 8 million In the next weeks. Poland, with 3.2 million refugees, it is the country that has registered the most arrivals to date, ahead of Romania (884,000), Hungary (573,000), Moldova (457,000) and Slovakia (404,000). UNHCR has registered another 739,000 refugees in Russia, although local authorities say there are more than a million. to the number of refugees joins the more than eight million internally displaced, that is, people who have been forced to leave their homes but remain inside Ukraine, according to a new UN balance sheet. The director general of this agency, Antonio Vitorino, has warned that the needs of both the displaced and other civilians affected by the war “grow every hour” and that, however, reaching those who require help remains a “challenge”. Two thirds of the displaced interviewed by the IOM have needed economic assistance as their main urgency and 70 percent have indicated that, if they receive money, they would use it to buy food or medical expenses. 27 percent of the displaced have fled from a house that is already damaged or directly destroyed, a proportion that triples that of the population as a whole, while 44 percent consider continuing to move to other areas of the country. In recent months, more than 2.7 million have returned homebut 93 percent of them came from within the country, which accounts for the lack of progress in the return of refugees, who still do not see the path trodden undone.

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