Naty Abascal, on the run after the scandal of her son Luis Medina

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After the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office filed a lawsuit against Luis Medina for three alleged crimes in the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council. His mother, Naty Abascal, has reappeared in the middle of the scandal

Aggravated fraud, forgery in a commercial document and money laundering are the three crimes for which the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office accuses Luis Medina and his friend, businessman Alberto Luceño, and for which it has decided to sue him. Both would have incurred in these crimes in the sale of medical supplies to the Madrid City Council –almost all defective– in which they would have acted as intermediaries. For this operation for which they have been charged, the Marquis of Villalba would have pocketed a commission of one million euros with the aggravating circumstance of having taken place at the worst moment of the pandemic. The Anticorruption investigation focuses on the “exaggerated” collection of commissions that would have reached up to four million that Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño would have squandered on watches and luxury cars, and even on a yacht. While Luis Medina, son of Rafael Medina , the late Duke of Feria, defends his innocence, his mother, Naty Abascal, was surprised by the cameras. On the run, without making a statement, she got out of the taxi and fled like a soul pursued by the Devil to take refuge in a central Madrid establishment. Usually very accessible to the media, the elusive attitude of the ‘socialite’ surprises and a lot on this occasion. It also messes up her appearance as well. Naty Abascal, who claims to be one of the most elegant women in our country, runs through the streets of the capital in a rush, with her hair completely tousled by the wind, hiding her face and holding her accessories tightly so as not to lose them along the way. She press play on the following video to see the surprising reappearance of Luis Medina’s mother in the midst of her son’s scandal.

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