Nam Goong Min Confirms SBS’s “1000 Won Lawyer”

In January of this year, the offer of the next legal drama was announced «1000 won Lawyer” for Nam Goong Minthis April 1 in Korea we have good news, before two offers with lawyer characters, the other from jTBC, and after starring in the hit drama «Stove League» with SBS, Nam Goong Min decided to return to the station with which he has also done other memorable projects such as «Remember the War of Sons«, «The Beautiful Gong Shim” and “A Girl Who Sees Smells«.

Nam Goong Min in “The Veil”1000 Won Lawyer” or “One Thousand Dollar Lawyer“, is about a troublemaker lawyer who is extremely skilled and intelligent but charges 1000 won ($0.83 USD) as a fee for his work, obviously this peculiar fee, announces that the lawyer has his own agenda to follow. The drama is a play written by the brothers Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang Hwanwho previously created “Defender” and “Heart Surgeons«. With “1000 Won Lawyer”, the Choi brothers won the SBS Script Contest in 2015 and we recently informed you that they would start production after overcoming a lawsuit for alleged plagiarism with the script of “Mr. Lawyer Mr. Jo» from 2016. The drama will start filming now to air in the second half of this 2022. Credits Koalas Playground

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