My hero academia chapter 360

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans And Where to Read Online

This manga is a hot topic nowadays as some of the snippets of the My Hero Academia Chapter 360 has been leaked. Yes, you heard that right! Chapter 360 have been leaked. However, it is still, scheduled to be released this Sunday. Know all the necessary details in this article regarding one of the most popular Japanese Superhero Manga series.


The plot revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a boy who idealizes being a superhero and dreams of becoming one. However, he doesn’t possess ‘Quirks’ another word for Superpowers. Luckily, he is scouted by All Might, Toshinori Yagi who is Japan’s greatest hero and grants his power to Midoriya after realizing his immense potential. He also helps him in enrolling in high school exclusively for Superhero training. 


My hero academia chapter 360

As of now, 359 chapters have been released. The title of chapter 359  is place of learning. It starts with students of the business course filming the Hero’s fistfight against Shigaraki as it could be used as a shred of evidence evidence or proof if insurgents like Dabi tried to manipulate civilians under its wing. Afterward, the explosion from Bakugo’s cluster shook the entire surroundings. But Kaminari assured Haya that he and his pals were always careful about their surroundings. The explosion resulted in burning Shigaraki’s right side of his face. This didn’t matter much and he attacked Bakugo’s left arm in an instant. The only bone of contention between Shigaraki and Bakugo is the latter’s closeness to Midoriya. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 360 Release Date

My hero academia chapter 360


The release date of chapter 360 was as per the schedule on 24th July 2022 which is on Sunday. There was a lot of discussion, anticipation, and guesses going on in the anime fandom or among Otaku. But all of this bubble of anticipation bursted, the moment some snippets from My hero academia chapter 360 started doing the rounds on social media.

Spoilers Of My Hero Academia Chapter 360

My Hero Academia chapter 360

The title of the chapter My Hero Academia chapter 360 is ‘Even though’. At the start of the chapter, we will be seeing Tomura attacking Bakugo on his head. But there is also a spoiler that Bakugo might get saved by his surprise rescuers even after being gravely injured. Hopefully, he will still retain his analytical power. In the beginning of the chapter, AFO/Shigaraki will also try to use Bakugo’s trampled body against Midoriya and threatened to turn him into a corpse. You should read the whole chapter that will be releasing on Sunday!

Disclaimer- This article contains Spoilers of the manga series as mentioned in the title. We are here to clarify that we do not claim ownership of any photo/media used here unless stated otherwise.

Raw Scan of My Hero Academia Chapter 360

source: Goatpepito

My hero academia chapter 360

From Raw scans, it is visible that Bakugo is brutally harmed by Shigaraki. The latter is grabbing him by his neck and saying that he will use Bakugo in the fight against Deku. It is still a mystery to unravel whether Bakugo will have an extended plot in the manga or not or will it be the end of his character. The speculations and raw scans point to that he had been saved by the Big 3- Mirio, Nejire, and Tamaki. 

Where to Read?

You can access the latest, in fact, all the chapters of Manga on the Viz Website. Another website that comes to your rescue is the Manga Plus website or app by Shueisha. Go ahead!

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