More than five steps to subtly arouse your partner without actually touching them

My experience tells me that lighting the flame of passion and seducing your partner without the need for physical contact it is possible (and in these days of confinement it will be especially useful to us).

Do not panic. It doesn’t matter that you spend these weeks locked up together, and you get overwhelmed thinking that maybe you have seen each other too much; nor that you are separated and your fear is that the spark runs out… We have solutions for everything And they are even better than you thought.

Start by using your imagination and relive the excitement (even from a distance) with these subtle and infallible techniques of seduction for the spark to become a flame:

1. Try ‘sexting’

The theory that over time sex tends to become tedious and, therefore, a ballast in the relationship depends to a large extent on the grain of sand that we want to put into it. Yes Carrie Bradshaw Had he had WhatsApp, he would have lit the fuse with spicy messages that, with the help of Samantha, Mr. Big would not have been able to resist.

Important: Beware of the recipient! It’s going to sound like bullshit to you, but I swear it’s not: we go through life so fast and have so many conversations that it’s almost impossible to control certain situations. In my case, I admit that I lived in first person the great ‘fuck of the century’ (because that’s how I lived it) when I was barely fifteen years old, when my subconscious decided to send the boy I loved a message that was actually for my best friend. He would say something like: “Tía, how strong, finally Peter has left him with Pepita! What happiness”.

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Well, after bumping into the wall several times, crushing my face against the pillow and unknowingly regretting living in the age of text messages when you couldn’t go back… I’ve since decided to review the recipient of messages that may be revealers in my life. Moral: Check the recipient for your own good and save yourself some other trauma!

2. And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson: Who does not remember the iconic phrase of a very young Dustin Hoffman surrendered to the charms of a mature Anne Bancroft?: ‘Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?

The graduate

Dressing up and acting are great sexual stimulants (try to find out). This is what the experts say: “Disguising yourself is a way to disinhibit yourself from routine and release tension,” explains Héctor Galván, clinical psychologist and sexologist. “That’s why, for most people, it’s a pleasant experience.”

Try dressing up as a police officer, a cheerleader or even a famous character in history…Think of Mrs. Robinson from ‘The Graduate’ and ask her to help you undo the top button of your shirt… Fully in character, try whispering a question in her ear or playfully sitting on her lap. By the way, did you know that Anne Brancroft and Dustin Hoffman were only six years apart?

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3. Yes, intelligence excites (and a lot): The New Zealand psychologist and sexologist John Money (1921-2006) explained with his theory ‘the map of love’ why some people are attracted to a certain type of qualities and not to others…

The Imitation Game

Did you know that approximately 8% of adults are sapiosexual? In other words, the factor that most sexually excites them is the neurons (there is even a dating site for those who eroticize this quality). And although in your case this is not the only reason, a good conversation always attracts.

4. Music, teacher: Choose something sensible. Do you remember the song that Joe Cocker sings in ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’? Until I saw the movie, I recognized that this 80’s classic reminded me of the songs in my mother’s car. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll leave it up to you so you can decide for yourself if it deserves a spot on your Spotify list. If you see it together, better. And if you come upstairs, you’ll end up replicating some of those unforgettable scenes or you’ll even choose to copy the ‘striptease’ of Kim Basinger with the nightgown… Because we don’t need to be supermodels, just a little bit of confidence.

Kim Basinger

5. Ask him to bring you a towel right out of the shower and get dressed near him: And please, no granny panties. I know I really like going to Bridget (Jones)… but he just worked out for her! Remember that scene where she ends up on the floor with Hugh Grant? Try dressing in clothes that accentuate your best tributes…inside and out. If he has his mind on other things, it is very likely that you will have a hard time getting their attention especially at that moment when his focus is on the boring day that awaits him tomorrow… Until he sees you getting out of the bathtub and changes the chip.

6. Speaking of movies… try horror movies: Did you know that several scientific studies agree that scary movies excite us? Glen Sparks, professor at Pardue Universityconcluded in a study that this type of film causes us a increased blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. Will we have a better time than this to see all the ones we want? Photos | Movie posters for ‘The Graduate’, ‘Sex and the City’, ‘The Imitation Game’ and ‘Nine and a Half Weeks’

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