More than 30% of those over 14 already read books in digital format

The number of online readers has been growing progressively for a decade. According to the Report on the Results of Reading Habits and Buying Books in Spain prepared by the Federation of Publishers, during 2020, 30.3% of the population aged 14 or over stated that they read books in digital format at least once a year. trimester. In 2010, this figure was six times lower: 5.3%. The Report of the Association for Media Research (AIMC) also corroborates this: 27% of those surveyed choose to read electronic books on a regular basis, while 64% have read a copy in digital version on some occasion; data that has grown 4 points compared to 2018.

When they have to choose a device to do so, they prefer to use the eReader and the computer (12.6% and 12.5% ​​respectively). 10.1% read on the tablet and only 6.2% choose the mobile, according to the Federation of Publishers. In this sense, in addition, the AIMC research highlights the growth in the use of the smartphone to read, which has risen almost 5 points since 2018.

subscription services

To choose the books, there are two legal options: purchase the titles individually or subscribe to a digital reading service. Currently, 20% of Spaniards declare that they are subscribed to one, according to a study carried out by IPSOS for Amazon. Among all ages, the report shows that subscriptions to reading programs are more successful among young people between the ages of 18 and 34. In this sense, 30% of them already have an account in one of them. Above all, they appreciate the available catalog and the possibility of learning about different types of books and writers.

A girl reads a book in digital format

Regardless of the age factor, it is the ‘big’ readers (those who buy more than 20 copies a year) who use e-book subscription services the most. They look for a variety of titles and writers. On the other hand, 39% of these users affirm that being able to always count on editorial news is an aspect that they value when subscribing. And what are the main digital reading services available? Kindle Unlimited, Nubico, Storytel or 24Symbols are some of the most popular options; all of them suitable both for those who want to read classic titles and for those who are looking for the latest publishing news.

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