‘Morbius’ and ‘Sonic’ sink their teeth into the box office

First, a reminder: It’s been a year since ‘Godzilla vs. kong‘ reactivated the North American box office and once again made going to theaters in that country a leisure option. 84 million (always) dollars. That’s what he’s grossed worldwide’Morbius‘ in its first weekend in theaters. 39 of these 84 million come from the United States, where it has become the third best premiere of the year. A relatively low result for the usual Marvel standards, although it must be taken into account that the film also has a relatively low budget for the usual Marvel standards: only 75 million. That is, in three days it has raised more than what it is supposed to have cost Sony to do, so we can already take it for good: At least cover expenses and it is more than likely that it will give some money. Although given its poor popular reception, it is to be expected that it will have little experience and it will hardly be remembered for Easter. A priori it points to behavior similar to that of ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ shortly before COVID changed the rules of the game. In the United States, the film has clearly been able to lead the box office by not having competition, but in Spain… it remains to be seen: And according to estimated data, the film starring Jared Leto would have grossed 2.2 million, which the same as ‘Sonic 2. The Movie‘ (which opens in the US next week). We will have to wait to review the play in the VAR to know who takes the medal. The other premiere of the week that enters the top 5 is ‘Scoundrels‘, and that in the absence of specific data, everything indicates that it has obtained a result just as disappointing as those of ‘Malnazidos’, ‘Emperor Project’ and ‘Camera cafĂ©, la pelcula’. The film in any case is worth it, for the record. For its part, the Oscar for best film has caused ‘CODA: The Sounds of Silence‘ reappear within a top 25 in which it only lasted two weeks at the time of its release (in 261 theaters). In the absence of specific data, who knows, it is possible that it has raised more or less the same this weekend as in its premiere. Or even more. So that later there are those who reduce the Oscars to a badly given host. Returning to the United States, it should be noted that in its second week on the bill ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once‘ has grossed close to a million in 38 theaters, twice as much as last week in 28 more theaters. It accumulates around 1.7 million in ten days, waiting to make the leap to cinemas across the country next week, and it is still a mystery how or when it will arrive in Spain. For your part ‘RRR‘ has dropped 83% compared to its first weekend, one of the biggest drops in history for a film released in more than 1,200 cinemas, if not the most. Despite this, the film has already managed to break the barrier of 100 million grosses worldwide, which goes without saying that for an Indian production it is as good a record as the more than 700 million it has already grossed.batman‘ today.

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