Morbid: Where Is Brian McCarthy Now? Katy Hawelka Murder Clarkson University

In 1986, Brian McCarthy brutally raped and killed Clarkson University sophomore Kathy Hawelka. The murder was brutal that it shocked the entire country, the body was beyond any recognition. A few days later police found the murderer near the crime scene. Since then Kathy’s family is fighting to keep McCarthy in prison as he is asking for parole. Although, authorities don’t want to release a sociopath back on the street. But he is a sociopath and can manipulate the parole board. That is the reason why Kathy’s family is fighting so hard to keep a predator like this in the prison.

Why did Brian McCarthy murder Katy?

Katy was a Clarkson university sophomore, she returned to her university to celebrate the start of the new semester. After the party, she was found dead outside the University walker’s arena. Her body was found on August 29, 1986, by the university’s guards Kim Avadkian and Donald Shanty. In autopsy reports, it was found that she was raped before her death. When police interrogated the guards, it was found out they have seen Katy and someone having sex near the edge of Walker’s arena which they thought is consensual sex. They didn’t interfere in the act because for them it is common to see students having sex at unusual places.

Brian McCarthy

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Brian McCarthy

When the guards return after a few minutes they found her dead body of Katy in blood. Soon, after police found the murderer Brian McCarthy beneath the stairs of Walker’s arena. He told the police that he was attacked by the perpetrator as the attacker fled the scene. Police take him to the hospital as he had a back injury. Where he was interrogated by the Postdam Police investigator John Perretta. After that, it didn’t take much for the police to find out that Brian McCarthy is the killer of Katy Hawelka.

Brian McCarthy

McCarthy pleads guilty to killing Katy.

John Perretta knows McCarthy for 2 years because he encountered him on several occasions for breaking, robbery, and other drug-related offenses. Police know that it is McCarthy who killed Katy. One of the most disturbing facts about Katy’s murder story is that Brian McCarthy kept on lying for 35 years. Although, he pleads guilty, to avoid facing the Jury. He never admitted that he killed Katy Hawelka, even though he accepted that he was “trying to have sex with Katy.”  He even said that he came across Katy after she was attacked by someone else. He kept on lying since then.

Brian McCarthy

In 1987, he pleads guilty to second-degree murder in St. Lawrence County, New York Judge, Eugene Nicandri. The judge sentenced Brian McCarthy to 23 years of life imprisonment.

Brian McCarthy

Where is McCarthy Now?

Brian has completed his prison time in 2009, but the police are of the view that it is not ideal to release a sociopath. As he is still a major threat to society. From 2009 till now Brian McCarty has appealed to the parole board to release him on parole. After every two years, Katy’s family has to request the parole board to keep McCarthy inside the prison. They said that he will only come out of the prison in a plain pine box. He is in Cayuga Correctional Facility in Moravia, Cayuga County.

Brian McCarthy


Katy’s Murder’s story gathers so much media attention that even the book “A stranger Killed Katy” is written by the author William D. LaRue. Even a youtube channel with the name Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, released a 3 parts podcast that talks about the Katy murder and its aftermath.

Brian McCarthy


Q. Who Killed Katy?

Ans. Brian McCarthy a stranger killed Katy.

Q. Does she was raped by the Murderer?

Ans. Yes, she was raped.

Q. Did Katy know Brian?

Ans. No, she didn’t know him.

Q. Where is Brian now?

Ans. He is in Cayuga Correctional Facility in Moravia, Cayuga County.

Q. How old Katy was when she was murdered?

Ans. She was 19 years old.

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