“Moonshine” by KBS. final review

The end of «moonshine» from KBS. The drama was affected by the broadcasts of the Beijing Olympics, the Lunar New Year holidays, and a fairly slow pace in the second part of its broadcasts. It started with 7.2% in episode 1, in episode two it dropped to 7.2%, it rose again to 7.6% in episode 4 and from there it went down until it ended with 5.2% and 5.9% in the final episodes. I think it was a bad idea for KBS to reair one period drama after another of the same style, I’m talking about “The King’s Affection”» who fared much better. Now we’ll see how he goes Krystal and Kim Jae Wook with “Crazy Love» which is already another style and is the next drama that will occupy the schedule. I don’t usually watch traditional historical dramas because I get bored with power struggles and intrigues and angry with injustices against women, children, etc. So then I watch period dramas where fantasy, comedy and romance are at the center of the plot. «moonshine» he promised that and he fulfilled it for the most part, but as always, in the end we fell into betrayals, in which the bad guy almost won, but ends up getting what he deserved; that our heroes are put in danger even by those they come to trust, but they receive unexpected help and, finally, we have a «Happy Together» with the two couples, the protagonist and the main one that are included in the story, ah, do not wait !! There is also a third!! Well they all get their happy ending 😀

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

In the first part there is a brief “bromance” between Nam Young and Prince Lee Pyo, then this almost turns into a romantic triangle but is resolved thanks to Han Jae Yi’s sweetness and Kang Ro Seo’s honest choice. But in conclusion, this story has nothing new and therefore it is not an unforgettable story that moves our emotions or traps us in the chemistry of its protagonists. It’s also one of those dramas where the secondary couple is much cuter than the main one. I say this with my heart still hurting, because all the leading actors have earned my sympathy and affection over time.

Synopsis: During a prolonged period of prohibition on alcohol in the Joseon era, the restriction of alcohol was shown to be no match for human desire. The laws against drinking, buying or manufacturing alcohol created different challenges for the inhabitants and our four protagonists find themselves entangled with each other defying the prohibitions and discovering love. Newly appointed inspector Nam Young of the Inspector General’s Office has just passed the civil service exam in first place, he left his hometown to achieve fame in Hanyang and restore the family name, so follow the rules when to the letter and thus stands out before the king, which brings him clashes with corrupt officials. By chance and with almost no money, he ends up sharing Kang Ro Seo’s house with his servant and the girl’s brother. Kang Ro Seo is broke and to get out of debt, he dedicates himself to manufacturing alcohol. The dramatic knot revolves around the prohibition for the manufacture, distribution and consumption of alcohol, but it is discovered that this was nothing more than the pretext of a man who wanted revenge for the treatment he received in the past and he comes up with the brilliant idea to put a king on the throne and handle it at will. But the person he chooses has no intention of serving him, he wants to escape from the obligations of a throne because he knows where they come from and despite rejecting his family ties, his heart breaks him, but there is a girl who he wants to steal her heart to give her the courage to do the right thing and stop hiding behind fear. The main couple knows each other but bad feelings arise towards each other, then when they get to know each other better they overcome the problems and each one goes into action within their field… Inevitably Nam Young finds out about Kang Ro Seo’s secret business and tries to stop her because she has in love with this impulsive girl but she won’t stop and he can’t because it’s his job. When Kan Ro Seo meets Prince Lee Pyo, the messes increase and go to a new level with Han Yae Jin for being the daughter of who she is. Nam Young is a person who follows the rules, but is forced to bend them to save people and feel satisfied with who he is, and also with that he achieves the love of the person he admires and trusts. . In the rhythm of the narration, sometimes the comedy was lost and the chapters felt heavy, then they recovered it at times and in fact the ending is funny.

Yoo Seungho He has already changed agencies after several dramas, albeit from different genres, which have had poor results, none of which are particularly popular in Korea. We hope that his new house will get him better roles because he has everything to get and execute a great drama, I really don’t find any fault with his skills. As to hyeriI think her characteristic gestures were much more subdued than we saw her before in «My Roomate is a Gumiho«. Byeon Woo Seok and Kang Mi Na They achieved very nice chemistry and integration with the cast. «moonshine» is the collaborative work of the director Hwang In-hyukDoctor Prisoner «) and the writer Kim Joo Hee for whom this is his first normal drama, he has only written a special drama before. There are 16 episodes of genres Action, historical, comedy, romance.

My Rating 8

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