Miguel Marcos, worried, speaks after the operation of Belén Esteban

Celebrities in the hospital · Miguel Marcos

He hasn’t left his side since his unfortunate fall live. Belén Esteban, who underwent surgery this Friday, has her best support in Miguel Marcos, who has abandoned the discretion that characterizes him to give his wife the last hour

Belén Esteban is recovering from the tibia and fibula operation that she underwent this Friday, May 5. Everyone around him breathes a sigh of relief after the inconveniences that had postponed until today that he go through the operating room. After the wounds and sores that had been caused by the uncomfortable plaster have healed, the ‘Sálvame’ collaborator has undergone a successful operation. At her side, her husband Miguel Marcos, has been very aware of her emotional state and also that she had everything necessary to pass this trance properly. The marriage has strongly defended that the ambulance driver can maintain his position as an anonymous person, a complicated situation given that he shares life with the most famous woman in our country. The current circumstances have forced Miguel Marcos to abandon that background in which he feels so comfortable and has spoken prudently after his partner’s operation. “They told us that everything was fine,” he revealed shyly, but cordially to a reporter from ‘It’s already noon’.Husband, confidant, friend and, above all, a fundamental pillar. Belén Esteban and Miguel Marcos form a perfect team that works like a charm in adverse situations like the current one they face. Two weeks ago, the one from San Blas suffered a fracture of the tibia and fibula after an unfortunate fall in ‘Save me’, recreating one of the ‘Survivors’ tests. Her ‘danger’ radar was activated and her greatest fear was confirmed, after a new examination by the doctors when the inflammation in the affected area went down: she had to be operated on urgently.Miguel Marcos makes statements after the operation of Belén Esteban Telecinco The operation of Belén Esteban was surrounded by concern due to the diabetes she suffers from, and even more so when some injuries caused by the plaster ended up postponing the intervention until today. Her husband, who is dedicated to the field of health, has become the best nurse these days but, above all, in exceptional support, since, as his colleagues from ‘Sálvame’ have assured, the injury has left the collaborator “very low spirits”. Miguel has accompanied Belén to all the visits and consultations to which his wife has had to attend, who has not been in the mood to make statements. The ambulance driver has taken the initiative and, visibly unaccustomed to speaking for the media, He has reassured everyone by advancing how Belén is and how the operation has gone. “It’s fine, they told us that everything is fine,” he replied shyly.Some hopeful news that Miguel Marcos and those around Belén Esteban receive with caution, and with great desire for him to return home to begin his recovery and forget this nightmare as soon as possible.

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