Microsoft Learn: practical and flexible online training for teachers

Technology has been a great ally to establish hybrid and remote learning in recent years: it has allowed students to continue teaching, but also teachers, since the demand for courses and self-learning by them has skyrocketed. And it is that teachers seek to develop their skills autonomously, developing above all their teaching digital competence, preparing to use and apply technology effectively in the classroom, to improve learning and open participation and collaboration with students. . To support teachers, management teams, administrators, trainers, etc., Microsoft is betting on a new Microsoft Educator Center hosted on Microsoft Learn.

A platform for hands-on learning

Microsoft Learn is an online training and learning platform that centralizes all Microsoft training courses, as well as access to each user’s certifications and achievements. Microsoft Learn allows the design of personalized routes and training itineraries adapted to the profile of each person and their specific level of knowledge on each subject, as well as connecting with different accounts.

In this way, Learn offers practical and flexible learning that helps users reach their goals faster. Through this interactive online platform, you can explore different content, support materials, step-by-step guides, resources, learning paths, modules, etc., related to education, application of tools in the classroom and Microsoft technology in general. . This new portal will replace what was known as the MEC, or Microsoft Educator Community, where it was possible to find courses, resources, lessons, and learning paths. Much of this content has already been migrated to Microsoft Learn and the rest of the resources will continue to be moved over the next few months. For Microsoft, communication with the teaching community is essential to continue improving and through this form it invites them to try this new training platform and to share their feedback on their user experience.

What to find in Microsoft Learn?

When making a preview of this new learning platform, it is possible to observe different sections in which to find all kinds of teaching resources. Some of them are:

Modules. These are the courses available in Microsoft Learn.Learning routes. Composed of several learning modules.Content search. They can be filtered by product, such as Microsoft Teams, Minecraft, Microsoft 365 Education, etc, or by roles such as admin, student, parent, K-12 teacher, etc.

How to participate in the Microsoft Learn for Educators preview?

Teachers interested in getting started with Microsoft Learn will need to click here to connect their MEC account to Microsoft Learn (you must be signed in to MEC first). If you don’t have an MEC account, you’ll just be asked to sign in with a personal or work Microsoft account, then click here to link your accounts. Once inside, they can start browsing and doing some of the available modules and learning paths. And, once completed, they will be able to take a look at the progress in the created profile.

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